Living with Adult ADHD

A woman hugging her husband and wondering how she can help someone like him who has ADHD

Accept Them. Support Them. Have Their Backs.

You understand that your spouse's or child's ADHD symptoms are not the result of laziness or defiance. But,... more »

ADHD adult utilising a conversation starter to initiate a discussion

Writing My Way to a Happier Me

My diary serves as my therapist, my coach, and my best friend, all rolled into one. Here's why... more »

A group of jobseekers discussing finding a new job

Lean In(credible): Career Passion In Mid-Life

Relaunching your career in mid-life is never easy — and that's doubly true when you have ADHD. Read... more »

A cartoon of an engine part, representing the different ways adults with ADHD can stop procastinating now

Stop. Procrastinating. Now.

Some days, no matter how hard you try, you just can't get started. Here's how to stop procrastinating... more »

Smartphone productivity apps, best apps for ADHD symptoms

Just Tired — or Tired of Work?

If ineffective, exhausting multitasking has caused you to fall behind at work, use these strategies to truly focus... more »

Playing dice with angry face, metaphor for controlling ADHD emotions

Girl Power(houses): Inspiring Women with ADHD

Women with ADHD are fighters. They battle to have their symptoms evaluated, diagnosed, and treated. And then they... ADHD women»

No More Late Fees

Body Clutter: Love Your Body, Love Yourself

A new take on weight loss that emphasizes long-term thinking... more »

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