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6 School Fixes
Seating arrangements matter! And other ideas to help ADHD students learn... more »

Planner Pointer
A school planner is useless if you don't know how to use it. 9 tips for making your child's planner work for him... more »

Track and Meet
12 steps to more productive, cooperative parent-teacher meetings... more »

ADHD-Friendly Math
18 ways to subtract confusion, frustration, and carelessness from math work... more »

Study Shortcuts
12 secrets to finishing assignments faster and with less frustration... more »

Daily Report Card
How to set everyday goals and reward your ADHDer's good behavior... more »

The Experts

What’s In a Classification?

My son has ADHD and a reading disability, and we are starting the process of getting him an...

» More from ADDitude's The Experts

The Home/School Checklist: Helping Teachers Help Your ADHD Child

The Secret Weapon for Better Classroom Behavior

Kids with ADHD don't tolerate ambiguity. They need clear expectations, plus consistent rewards and consequences to keep them... more »

Author Blake Taylor has ADHD and was teased by a bully until he and his mom decided to double-team the tough guy into submission.

How I Beat the Bully

Does your child with ADHD face torment and teasing at school? Learn how this successful young author and... more »

An ADD / ADHD child learns about time management and organization in order to perform better in school.

Finding the Right School for Your Child

Essential steps for parents who are seeking the best learning environment for a child with ADHD or learning... more »

ADHD children can learn reading skills that will help them with homework.

Impulse-Control Strategies for Students with ADHD

Why do kids with ADHD call out in class or push in line? Poor impulse control. The solution?... more »

Teaching teamwork to children with attention deficit disorder (ADHD)

We Got Mad (Study) Skills

Middle school comes as an academic, organizational shock to children who didn't build good study habits in elementary... more »

How to Cut Homework Time in Half

ADHD high school student completing the ACT or SAT test using test taking tips

The amount of time spent agonizing over assignments bares no direct correlation to the quantity of knowledge and... Finish in record time »

Safe, Productive Movement Ideas for Hyperactive Students

"Hyperactive behavior isn't a choice, but an expression of a brain-based biological disorder." Instead of trying to make... more »

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I requested a 504 Plan for my son, who was recently diagnosed with ADHD, and was told he...

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