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Evolution 101 (25 FREE Lessons Proving Evolution Is False "religion" taught in public schools as "science".)     Refutes, disproves, discredits, invalidates, contradicts, rebuts, opposes and denies evolution theories that claim the universe was created from nothing or that the universe has evolved over millions or billions of years.

Fine Tuned Universe

(Evolution = Millions Of Years + Your Imagination)

An example of fine-tuning of the universe by GOD:

If the mass and energy of the early universe were not evenly distributed to an incomprehensible precision of 1 part in 10^10^123, the universe would be hostile to life of any kind.
This is an extraordinary figure.
One could not possibly even write the number down in full, in our ordinary denary (power of ten) notation:
it would be one followed by ten to the power of 123 successive zeros!
(That is a million billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion billion zeros.) 

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John 3:16 Channel

John 3:16  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You can find this channel at   What is a roku you ask? Roku is a nice, inexpensive, internet-connected box that you hook up to your TV. Once it's set up, you can use it to stream Pastor John C. Vaughn's Recorded Sermons. You can also listen to talk radio, local police and fire channels, weather forecasts, movies and hundreds of other channels.

Click Here To Download A Free App For Your Andriod Phone From Google Play. Its App called Bible Message, A Sermon By John C. Vaughn.

John C. Vaughn Evangelistic Association

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Mount Calvary Baptist Church   Greenville SC
Christian Perspective

Bible crossword puzzle (Bible Names For Jesus Christ)

Bible crossword puzzle (New Testament Book Names)

Blood Alcohol Calculator (BAC)

Annual Cost of SMOKING Calculator

Child Support Calculator

Buy or Sell Stock Calculator Checkers Game

Tip Calculator

Warp Calculator

Deep Space Distance Calculator

Gravity Calculator

Longitude and Latitude Calculator

Abortion Quiz

Believe and be saved

John 14:6
6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.   Acts 4:12
12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.   1 Timothy 2:5
5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;  Romans 10:9,10
9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.
10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

KJV Holy Bible

John 3:16 Audio

25,500 (Gospel Tract)

Tithe Calculator

Bible Weight Calculator

Bible Dry Volume Calculator

Creation Evidence

Creation Sermons

Energy To Mass Calculator

Come To Jesus Hymn (Listen Or MP3 Download)

Big Bang Theory is Science Fiction

Evidence Of Creation

31 Holes In One (Bible Tract)


Calculate and Read The Latest News
BBC News, FOX News, REUTERS News, NYT News, CNET News, Financial Times News

How To Avoid "Inferior Auto Care"

Story Reports Comments


Tips For Surviving

Order Tips For Surviving Here on ROKU

Tips For Surviving contains:

Vital info on water purification, survival medicine, canning, victory garden, self reliance, compass use, star navigation, making knots, self defense, reloading ammo, how to use a revolver and rifle, drying fruits and vegetables, making jerky, survival stress, shelter in place, survival tactics etc.

There are many videos on how to be self reliant when it comes to being informed on how to survive.

Tips For Surviving in the channel store has a wealth of information on how to survive that you need to now. Basic survival information is on demand for your review.

Knowledge is power....the power to survive when you need the information most. Be prepared and learn how to defend yourself viewing various videos on how to use a weapon safely. Learn how to can various foods and make jerky for survival.

Be prepared for the future. Learn how to read a compass and the stars. Learn how to purify water. Learn basic survival medicine. Learn map reading. Learn how to garden and grow foods. Know what to do in an emergency.

Tips For Surviving


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 A Collection of Online Calculators for Realtime Calculations
   on your Desktop. These on-line calculators are conventient for
   fast simple to complex quick calculations.Use Anycalculator
   for online bills, mortgage, cars, checkbook balancing, loans,
   debt, scientific, high school, junior high, college, taxes, budget,
   car rental, usps, fedx, shipping, rates, ups, air freight, financial,
   annunity, child support, asphalt, tire size, Compound Interest
   Early Mortgage Payoff Calculator, Bi-weekly Mortgage
   visa, mastercard, homeschooling, or homeschool calculator
   satellite dish calculator, super multifunctional calculator
   Sam's club, Carbon 14 calculator, Cooking Conversion
   SUPER Multifunctional Calculator (With Printout)
   Master Converter Calculator (NUMB3RS), Grade Point Avg
   Compound Interest, Annuity Calculator, BMI, Body Mass
   Bible names crossword puzzle, Bible book names puzzle
   Roman numeral converter, Triangle calculator, Length and
   Distance Calculator, Creation Talk, Energy To Mass
   Arrow Calculator, Warp Calculator, Gazebo Calculator
   Pizza Tip Calculator, Bible Weight Calculator
   Bible Dry Volume Calculator, Pressure Calculator
   Golf Handicap Calculator, Hybrid Gas Calculator
   Diesel Calculator, Stroke Risk Calculator
   Grocery Calculator, Lawn Fertilizer Calculator
   Golf Handicap Index Calculator, Asphalt Shingle Calculator
   Age Calculator, Cell Phone Radiation Calculator
   Radon Calculator, Battery Life Calculator
   Mulch And Stone Calculator
   Gas And Oil Mix Ratio Calculator, Tipping For Pizza Factors
   Lawn Mowing Time Calculator, Grass Seed Calculator
   PVC Pipe Flute Calculator, Sod Area And Pallet Calculator
   Manual Body Joint Age Calculator, Food Storage Torpedo
   Food Storage Calculator, Earthquake Magnitude Calculator
   Social Security Retirement Calculator, Diamond Calculator
   Sun Protection And Tanning Time Calculator
   Scrap Gold Calculator, Silver Calculator
   mobile phone data calculator, cell phone data  usage calculator
   word spell checker (Includes wookie translator)
   Fat Loss Calculator, Diet Calculator, Pizza Tip Calculator
   grow light watt calculator, indoor garden grow light calculator
   tip calculator, gratuity Calculator, BAC Calculator
   whitetail deer score calculator, coues deer score calculator
   cost of raising a child calculator, hiking time calculator
   hiking speed calculator, scale model calculator
   personal injury settlement calculator, jet lag calculator
   radon dosage calculator, radon calculator
   noah ark calculator, tree value calculator
   deep space distance calculator, gravity calculator
   greenhouse gas calculator, carbon footprint calculator
   Gas log fuel calculator (Natural gas or Propane gas)
   antique price guide, turkey cooking calculator
   christmas tree ornament calculator, ornament calculator
   speed of sound calculator, grits calculator
   life insurance calculator, eternal life insurance
   knitting calculator, dog chocolate toxicity calculator
   wheelchair ramp calculator, ramp calculator
   storage unit calculator, storage calculator
   pizza cost calculator, perfect pizza
   secret perfect pizza formula
   running in the rain calculator
   illegal alien calculator, estimated cost of illegal aliens
   fish weight calculator

Order MILITARY CHRONICLE Channel On ROKU Mobile Web Site Preview (NEW)
Ultimate Online Calculator ( Big View )

Russ Cassell Vignette  (WORD Radio 106.3 FM)

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Food Safety News � Food Recalls

Millennials may discriminate when they eat, but bacteria doesn't.

All Calculators are functional and ready to use.  Free online real time answers.

Paint, Advance Scientific, Salary, Pregnancy, Ideal Size, Depth of field, Wind Chill, Blood Alcohol, Stock profit, Electric Appliance Cost, Auto Loan, Recording Calculator, Acreage, Master Unit, Asphalt, Foundation , Drywall, Mortgage, Interest Calculators, Gun Calculators, World Time Calculator, Compound Interest Calculator, Horizontal Sundial Calculator, warp calculator, Ohms Law Calculator,Tire size, Decimal To Degree Calculator, Buy Or Sell Stock Calculator, Mortgage Calculator, Scientific Calculator, Child support calculator, Super multifunctional calculator with printout.

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child support, credit card, baseball, food storage for one year, free app download, cost of smoking, hay moisture calculator, fence cost, homeschooling, or homeschool calculator, quartic equation, sun protection and tanning time calculator, scrap gold calculator, silver calculator, diamond calculator, mobile phone data calculator, cell phone data usage calculator, fat loss calculator, diet calculator
whitetail deer score calculator, coues deer rack score calculator
hiking time calculator, pizza tip calculator, backpacking calculator
jet lag reduction calculator, scale model calculator
noah ark calculator, antique price guide

Read More Board Feet Lumber Calculator Fence Cost

Hay Moisture Calculator CHESS GAME (NEW)

Life Insurance Calculator     **   Eternal Life Insurance   **

Gunsmoke Theme "Old Trail" Sung By Ken Curtis (Festus) Radio Show "The Guitar" (Voices By Webmaster)

Cool Clear Water MP3 Sons Of The Pioneers MP3's

Six Shooter Theme Song   (Highland Lament)

TRUCKER Last Man Out MP3


Antique Price Guide
Free online antique price guide to help a buyer, seller or owner determine the market value for an antique.

Use for moving or storage. (Figure Size and Cubic Feet.)

Fish Weight Calculator   (+ Or - 10%)

Gas Log Fuel Calculator (Natural Gas or Propane)

Christmas Tree Ornament Calculator

Turkey Cooking , Size, Thawing Calculator

Grits Calculator (Grits On A Stick Recipe)

Knitting Calculator (Increase And Decrease)

Whitetail Score Calculator (Calculate Deer Rack Score)

Fat Loss Diet Calculator

Find Things In Your Diet That Are Causing Inflammation

5 Ways To Quickly Increase Testosterone Levels

Cell Phone Data Usage Calculator

(Is your Data Usage on WIFI getting counted towards your limit?)

Personal Injury Settlement Calculator (Auto)  (NEW)

Radon Individual Dose Calculator


Scrap Gold, Silver, Diamond Calculator

Hiking / Backpacking Time Calculator

Hiking / Backpacking Speed Calculator

Word Spell Checker (Includes Wookie Translator :)

Grow Light Watt Calculator (For Indoor Gardens)

Social Security Retirement Calculator    (Sage Advice)

Jet Lag Reduction Calculator

Tipping for pizza delivery (Considering other factors) (NEW)

Pizza Tip Calculator (Use For Delivery Drivers) (NEW)

Pizza Cost Calculator (Includes Secret Perfect Pizza Formula)

Tip Calculator for wait staff and servers  (Factors considered )

Sun Protection And Tanning Time Calculator

Model Scale Calculator

Earthquake Magnitude Calculator

Tree Value Calculator

Manual Body Joint Age Calculator

Mulch And Stone Calculator

Gas And Oil Ratio Calculator

Radon Calculator (The Radon Business Scam)

Battery Life Calculator

Age Calculator (Days,Months,Years)

Lawn Mowing Time Calculator

Speed Of Sound Calculator

Grass Seed Calculator

Sod Area And Pallet Calculator

PVC Pipe Flute Calculator

Food Storage Calculator

Food Storage Torpedo

Stroke Risk Calculator (Estimate Only)

Cell Phone Radiation Calculator (Estimate Only)

Golf Handicap Calculator

Golf Handicap Index Calculator

Hybrid Gas Calculator

Diesel Calculator

Grocery Calculator

Asphalt Shingle Calculator

Use for moving or storage. (Figure Size and Cubic Feet.)

(Find Out If Its Worth The Effort And The Effects.)

Lawn Fertilizer Calculator

Satellite Dish Cost Calculator

AC Voltage Drop Calculator

Concrete Volume Calculators

Wheelchair Ramp Length Calculator

Carbon 14 Dating Calculator (NEW)
Gun Site Calculator
AR15 Weight Calculator
SHOTGUN Reloading Cost

Emergency Water Calculator
World Times Calculator (NEW)
Cooking Conversion Calculator (NEW)
Asphalt Calculator

Aggregate Calculator
Boat Loan Calculator
Arrow Projectile Calculator
Solar Panel Calculator

Fish Weight Calculator
Fish Tank Calculator
SUPER Bicycle Calculator
Batting Average Calculator
Slugging Average Calculator
Earned Run Calculator
Gas Cost Calculator

Dog Food Calculator
Dog Chocolate Toxicity Calculator
Circular Liner Pool Calculator
Extensive Nutritional Calculators

Convert Decimal To Degree
Horizontal Sundial
Arrow Calculator
Vertical Sundial

Noah's Ark Scale Model Calculator

Pizza Tip Calculator

Power Calculator

Gazebo Calculator

Pressure Calculator (Extensive)

Length And Distance Calculator (40 Conversions)

Triangle Calculator

Convert Numbers To Roman Numerals

Quartic Equation Calculator (NEW)

Ultimate Quadratic Equation Calculator (NEW)

Grain Weight Calculator (NEW)

Lifetime Savings Calculator (NEW)

Ring Sizer
Home School Calculator
Men's Shoe Size Calculator (Fixed)

Ohm's Law

Vinyl Siding Calculator
Convention Room Size Calculator (NEW)

Paint Calculator
Advanced Scientific Calculator
Salary Calculator (NEW)
Wind Chill (NEW)

Cost Of Raising A Child Calculator
Child Support Calculator
Blood Alcohol
Stock Profit Or Loss Calculator
Car Cost Calculator
Mortgage Calculator (Monthly Payments)
Acreage Calculator
Master Converter Calculator (NUMB3RS)
Appliance Operating Cost
Mortgage Refinancing Calculator
Miles per gallon
Tire Size Calculator (Calculates Speed)

Lightning Calculation
SUPER Energy Use Calculator
Water Faucet Drip Calculator
Room Air Conditioner Calculator
Curtain Size Calculator

Sample Calculator
Grade Point Average Calculator
Run Miles Weight Calorie
Run Walk Calculator
Compound Interest And Annuity Calculator
Loan Amortization
Refinancing Calculator
Credit Card Payoff
Cost of Renting VS Buying a Home
Cash Flow Calculator

Bi-weekly Mortgage Calculator   This calculator will show you how much you will save if you make 1/2 of your mortgage payment every two weeks instead of making a full mortgage payment once a month.

World Time Calculator
Reverse Polish Calculator
Credit Card Savings
Log Cord Weight
Gasoline Octane Calculator
Attic Ventilation Calculator
Carpet Size
Light Bulb

Bandwidth Calculator

Flash BMI Calculator
GAS MPG Calculator

Body Mass Calculator (2) Skid Speed Calculator

Maintain Weight Calculator Car Cost Calculator

Target Heart Rate Calculator

SUpport The Troops


(This calculator is of course a humorous way to calculate the enormous cost to the US taxpayer. Illegal aliens supported by the government can use it to est their cash flow.) Coming soon an update illegal alien calculator to estimate fines and penaltiespayments to government because of  President Trump Executive order   13767(01/25/2017)   Sec. 6. Civil Fines and Penalties.

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Any Calculator

John 3:16 Audio

John 3:16

3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

(For Matthew My Son)

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