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Room Booking Fee
Rooms are based on availability. If you have arrived at this page, we have found a room for you at a discount, and require the amount shown on the next page to book it for you.

Once funds are received, we will arrange a time to complete the booking over the phone; at which time you will reserve the actual discounted room with your credit or debit card. Below is just our booking fee, not the actual room price as quoted in your email.

Enter Your Name, Click Add to Cart.
Who is this booking for?
(Enter Full Name)

On the next page, select Number of Rooms / Days (Quantity).

Quantity = (per room / per day)
Example: 1 Room on Friday and Sat. = 2

By clicking on "Add to Cart" and completing payment through PayPal, you agree to the following:
If we are unable to book the room/s for you, you will receive a refund; otherwise, there are no refunds.
If you choose to cancel after making payment, but before we book it, you will be charged a $5 cancellation fee since we are charged by PayPal for any reversals. If you pay our fee less than 48 hours before the date of your stay, and as a result, we are unable to book the discounted room for you, you will be charged the $5 cancellation fee.

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