Analytical Services

AARST/NRPP certified to provide Analytical Services using Sun Nuclear models 1023/1026/1027 at Ease Digital Data Loggers and the Sun Nuclear 1028 Continuous Radon Monitor which gives us the ability to interpret and deliver certified radon test results on site immediately after test completion without requiring additional certified laboratory analysis.Black Dog Inspections owns multiple Sun Nuclear Model 1027 continuous radon monitors which have the capability to not only measure radon levels hourly but has built in device tampering features to detect unit movement and power loss.

Although the Sun Nuclear Models 1027 and 1028 are excellent stand alone radon detectors, Black Dog Inspections can externally attach an environmental data logger to capture additional information such as temperature, humidity and ambient light which supplement the validity of the radon readings and further guard against device tampering.We are currently using the HOBO ® U12 family loggers by Onset Computer, a well respected data logger company, for our environmental data collection.This technology grouping (Sun Nuclear & Onset Computer) is a further example of how Black Dog Inspections uses and combines current technologies to give you the best product available for radon measurements without loss of crucial data at reasonable test costs to the consumer.


Why use Black Dog Inspections?

Black Dog Inspections, LLC is a locally owned and operated radon measurement, mitigation, consulting and inspection service legally registered to do business in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.We are a customer centered culture based organization with our own standards for excellence not driven by directions from others.   Our  primary focus is customer satisfaction and product quality with emphasis on accuracy, credibility and timely test results.  We are NRPP Radon Measurement and Mitigation Certified, members of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST) and have chosen those organizations because they parallel our philosophy in customer quality and educational growth.

Our intent is to provide a valued radon measurement, efficient cost effective radon mitigation solution, consulting task or inspection using technology as much as possible.Our goal is to do more than the average, not charge for certain extras and obtain certifications when not required by law.We believe that recognition by certification when not required implies we go the extra step to give you the best service and product available.

Black Dog Inspections, LLC is nationaly certified by choice and must maintain yearly continous education goals in the radon measurement and mitigation fields.  We carry full liability insurance.

Radon Mitigation Services

Certified Mitigation Provider        Eino A. Anttila - Certified Residential Mitigation Provider ID Number 103817 RMT

We provide accurate diagnostic services to assess the proper approach to your radon mitigation needs (either water or air) to give you the best system cost, ease of maintenance, and most reliable solution for your requirements.   Our work is guaranteed to correct your problem.

Our rates are reasonable and we will work with you to provide an aesthetic solution you will be comfortable with.Contact us for a system estimate based on a visual inspection of your property, proposed venting solutions and your input.Our goal is not only providing an efficient radon mitigation system but one you will be happy with.In most cases, a mitigation system can be installed in less than one day and installations can be done on weekends to better fit your schedules.Each job is evaluated for the best mitigation approach whether it is an Active Soil Depressurization system (ASD), a radon in air dilution system, an aeration radon in water removal system or any combination of them.Your concerns, maintenance responsibilities, space requirements, annual operating costs, and maximum desired radon levels are discussed before a proposal is provided.Our focus is to take time up front to discuss the right system for you and provide various options to make the best fit for your mitigation needs and budget along with reducing the annual radon levels to a value you feel safe with.

We want you to feel comfortable with your system and understand you have a choice in the final outcome regarding system performance, maintenance, energy cost, and appearance.

Black Dog Inspections, LLC is nationally certified in radon mitigation and listed on the NH and MA state references for mitigation contractors and carries general liability and professional liability insurance for radon related work.Radon solutions are our products and our only business.We provide a written proposal of the work effort along with the expectations.Our work is warranted against workmanship defects for life; mechanical parts are covered and replaced based on manufacture’s warranty.We guarantee our mitigation system will reduce your long term radon levels below the EPA action level for 13 months using the preferred EPA 12 month test method.We stand by our systems and will help you as much as possible to make sure they function as advertised for many years.

We can use products like the RadStar GM 1-2 to perform 6 min radon tests to idenfify radon hot spots to help us put the mitigation system in the right place when performing pre system diagnostics on complicated installations.

The GM 1-2 also is useful in our consulting services.

Why only a 13 month warranty?

Certified Radon Measurement          Eino Anttila  - Certified Measurement Provider ID Number 103104 RT

Licensed to use the Radalink TeleMonitor - a precise, continious reading electronic instrument that records radon and environmental data hourly, eliminates the high or low bias of passive devices and reduces the potential of test result tampering.  Your certified radon measurement results are credible, accurate and timely following full EPA protocol.  You will usually receive your full certified radon report within an hour of test completion via email.   A formal final report will also be mailed containing all of supporting documents and photographs for your future reference.   You will not be disappointed with the accuracy and turn around time of the results. 

Radalink Telemonitor

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