The Delafield Brewhaus prides itself in keeping a wide variety of award winning beers on tap that are sure to please any discerning palate.  With five year round brews offered, patrons are certain to always have something familiar available when they visit.  Guests are also sure to find one of our many varieties of fruit beer on tap at all times.  Add in a varying assortment of seasonal and specialty beer styles, and there are plenty of options to keep beer geeks happy!  We do our best to keep with the seasons, brewing traditional styles that correlate with the time of year.  Keep an eye out for special offerings such as whiskey barrel aged beers, as well as the big beers from the “Forgotten Fermenter”.  If you are having trouble choosing which beer to try, indulge in one of our beer samplers which includes our five year round beers and one selected by the Brewmaster.  Don’t forget that our beer is good “to go”, available in ½ gallon growlers, bottles and in kegs as well.  Drink ale, live lager!


Einhorn Bock:A dark, full-bodied and malty lager, known as 'Liquid Bread' to the monks who drank it during their Lenten Fast.   (6.5% A.B.V.)

Strawberry Ale:
A light bodied ale made with the addition of 100% pure fruit juice. (4% A.B.V.)

Frühlingzeit Maibock:
A lighter colored, but still malty, version of Bock Beer, traditionally served in spring. 'Hopfen und Malz, Gott erhalts' (7% A.B.V.)

Golden Promise:A clean and mellow British ale made with Thomas Fawcett's Golden Promise malt from Scotland.  (5.% A.B.V.)
*Note: This beer is Nitrogen dispensed.

Doctor's Hop Tonic: Copper colored and light bodied, the hallmark of this beer is its hop flavor and aroma.  (5% A.B.V.) 58 IBU's

8 Malt Stout:A full bodied black stout with a big roasted flavor. Featuring Chocolate Rye, Roasted Barley, Biscuit Malt, Belgian Chocolate Malt, and Black Malt. (5.5% A.B.V.) *Note: This beer is Nitrogen Dispensed


Dockside Ale:A crisp, light bodied, pale golden Kölsh.This German ale style is native to the city of Köln.  (4% A.B.V.)

Sommerzeit Hefe Weizen:A light bodied, unfiltered wheat beer with fruity and clove-like flavors. (4.5% A.B.V.)*Try it mixed with our current fruit beer for a ‘berry-weiss’ or with a splash of lemonade for a Mug Club favorite, the ‘German Radler’!

Delafield Amber:An amber colored medium bodied ale with a malt forward finish. (4.5% A.B.V.)

Pewaukee Porter:A medium bodied dark ale with some roasted dark malt flavor. (5% A.B.V.)

Naga-Wicked Pale Ale:Based on a centuries old recipe, this copper ale is medium bodied and well hopped. (5% A.B.V.)

2014 World Beer Championships

  • Silver Medal:Delafield Brewhaus Naga-Wicked Pale Ale
    Category: American Pale Ale, Amber color
  • Silver Medal:Delafield Brewhaus Hop Harvest I.P.A.
    Category: India Pale Ale, Amber color
  • Bronze Medal:Delafield Brewhaus Amber
    Category: Amber Ale, Amber color.


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