Gathering Times & Directions

Sunday Morning

Worship/Praise Service:10:00 am

Chit-Chat Café:11:15 am
Lunch and conversation are served after the service. It is free for all first-time visitors.

Small Groups

Experiencing God:Third Sunday each month at noon.

Caregivers Support Group:First Sunday each month at noon.

Soul Food:Usually the third Sunday each month at 6 pm. Contact office for exact time & place..

H.A.R.T. Helpers:Fourth Wednesday each month.

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3931 Washington Street
SW Corner of 39th Terr & Broadway
Kansas City, MO 64111
(816) 561-3274
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Welcome to Broadway

Broadway Church has a long tradition of welcoming strangers. It began with the first Swedish Baptist immigrants who banded together because they didn't quite fit in English-speaking congregations. The Swedes assimilated long ago, but we continue our tradition of welcome.

Perhaps you want to explore your spirituality further. Maybe the church you were raised in no longer offers a challenge. Or it could be you feel a little "bruised" by traditional Christianity. If so, then this is our welcome:

If your questions are bigger than your answers, we welcome you.

If you have a curious soul, we welcome you.

If you have an open heart and a willing spirit, we welcome you.

If you are struggling and searching, we welcome you.

If you need a place to heal or rest, we welcome you.

Broadway is a church for everyone, believer, seeker or doubter; wherever you are on life's journey, you'll find a place of welcome here.

Worship at Broadway

Worship at Broadway is casual and exuberant. Participants are free to clap, raise hands or worship in whatever way feels comfortable. In addition, the worship time includes a time of quiet reflection and listening to the Spirit. Enthusiasm and meditation are both important parts of the worship experience. There is no strict liturgy. Worship leaders often make use of inclusive language, referring to God as Mother as well as Father. Services include a mix of song styles in contemporary settings.

Broadway worship makes extensive use of projection and imagery to enhance the worship experience. Sermons, often referred to as teachings, cover a variety of spiritually relevant topics brought by Rev. Marcia Fleischman, Dr. Edgar Tanner, or an occasional guest speaker.

Our Mission

The Mission of Broadway Church is to further God's universal reign of love by creating, in the power of the Holy Spirit, a risking, learning, healing community, which empowers and multiplies serious disciples of Jesus Christ, in a network of close, committed relationships of love and justice.

As far back as 1999, Broadway adopted an official mission statement reflecting diversity in our desire to follow Jesus:

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