The interests of the 225+ members of the Canadian Antique Phonograph Society (CAPS) range across all aspects of sound recording and its history: phonographs and gramophones, all types of sound recordings of historic importance, ephemera and related memorabilia. There is particular emphasis placed on the history of recorded sound in Canada.
Dance Bands
From Canada


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"This CD focuses on dance bands from the 1920s, the fabled "Jazz Age", and presents a cross section of sides by Canadians playing here and abroad. The music spans the complete spectrum from straight dance music to some peppy sides to some quite hot tracks."
--- from the booklet notes

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Antique Phonograph News
Winter 2017

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The Canadian Columbia 16000-D Series
© 2011 Jack Litchfield

Pressed in Canada from imported masters, the series was issued from 1925 through the early 1930s. Some 96 issues are known.

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