Fall 2012

Fall 2012 Journal

ISEC Winner: Neuroscience and the Law

ISEC Winner: Neuroscience and the Law

Over the past two decades, advances in brain-imaging technology have allowed neuroscientists to investigate the once inscrutable human brain in greater detail than ever before.

Allometric Scaling of Morphological Feeding Adaptations and Extreme Sexual Dimorphism in Invasive Lionfish

Lionfish (Pterois volitans) are a rapidly spreading invasive marine species in the Western Atlantic. High feeding success and reproductive output are potential mechanisms that allow lionfish to be such successful invaders.

Quantifying Glacier Retreat on Baranof Island

As mountain glaciers melt in response to anthropogenic climate change, they are making a significant contribution to global sea level rise.

The Sublime Cow and the Maltese Cross

Ava Helen Pauling, wife of esteemed Chemist Linus Pauling, described early x-ray images of DNA (Figure 1) as such: “From the bull’s-eye, a striking arrangement of short, horizontal smears stepped out along the diagonals in the shape of an X or a Maltese cross.”

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