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Does Irrigation Development Decrease Local Malaria Infection Rates?

Abstract In sub-Saharan Africa, arid soil coupled with a rapidly increasing demand for food has driven the development of small and large-scale irrigation schemes. Irrigation development has the potential to increase or decrease local malaria infection rates and this paper uses two conflicting case studies to identify four factors which […]

The Life and Death of the Cholera Pathogen

Dirty water has a profound effect on the lives of the global majority. Waterborne disease takes lives directly (1), and further weakens or kills those affected by HIV/AIDS, malaria, and malnutrition (2, 3). Viral, bacterial, prion, fungal, and protozoan waterborne diseases can be eliminated simultaneously with the provision of clean […]

Remember When?: Infantile Amnesia

Introduction Memory. It is the internal scrapbook that defines one’s individuality—a sense of self that is crucial to the human psyche. Nevertheless, due in large part to its longevity, memory is a difficult term to define. It appears to be ineffaceable, a solid entity of the past, yet it frequently […]

Resilience in Child Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Resilience in Child Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Introduction On March 13, 1996, a gunman shot and killed sixteen kindergartners and one adult at a primary school in Dunblane, Scotland. Other children who witnessed the massacre experienced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), an anxiety disorder that persists for months or even years after a traumatic event or series of […]

Language and Nature: Using Linguistic Analysis to Design New Antimicrobial Peptides

Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is a growing problem in hospitals today. Scientists are continually searching for ways to win this race against mutating bacteria, and a surprising solution may lie in a seemingly unrelated field—linguistics. Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology created a linguistic model of existing antimicrobial peptides, treating […]

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