Acrylic tables and ottomans that are rich in color, lit from the inside and available to be branded. Amazing, Glowing arrays of blues, greens and reds splashing across the floor and ceiling. A Giant metallic sign that rotates over an LED super bar. These are just a few of the many concepts and decorative pieces Exciting Events has to offer.

There is no idea or vision that’s big enough. We have some of the most brilliant and talented minds working hard to make what you visualize, come to life. How about a larger-than-life Operation Board for hours and hours of fun? No problem. And the best part? All these items can be branded with your company’s name just like our acrylic series furniture.

So If you’re looking to transform your event into something beautiful and new with all of the décor we have to offer, call us today. We can’t wait to make your every dream come true.


Exciting Events proudly owns an enormous inventory of lighting equipment, including conventional and moving lights, consoles, dimmers, LEDs, special effects, traditional stage lighting, follow spots and curtains. Our goal is to bring a strong and dynamic visual edge to any event, anytime, anywhere. 
Our team is experienced in fulfilling your designs or working from scratch to develop a plan. Want your event to be bold and bright? Leave it to us, your first choice for everything lighting.

Corporate:Whether you're hosting a shareholders meeting, industry trade show or employee recognition dinner, great corporate event lighting can enhance your image.

Wedding:Whether your idea of your wedding reception includes simple dance floor lighting or a complete change of atmosphere in your banquet room, you can count on us. We understand that this is your big day.

Let Exciting Events help your event shine above the rest. We promise your event will be the talk of the town.


Exciting Events uses only high end, professional audio equipment. With our extensive inventory of analog and digital, yes digital mixing consoles, speakers and amplifiers from brands like JBL, Crown and Behringer you are guaranteed to get crystal clear sound every time. With our recent acquiring of our massive line aray sound system we can provide sound at any event, indoor or outdoor! We also offer podium and wireless microphones which are perfect for any size venue or function.With nearly thirty years of experience, a knowledgeable staff and a passion for what we do you'll clearly hear the difference.


Exciting Events uses only the latest and greatest video equipment. Every year we service over 500 events nationwide each year and remain at the forefront of event technology. We take pride in owning and stocking a million dollar inventory of the most advanced equipment. We’ve got your covered with our Cinema quality HD cameras and projectors for any event. With our recently acquired Blackmagic HD video recording all-in-one software we can edit, produce, capture and stream video in 1080 HD all in real time! We have an extensive line of plasma televisions: 60”, 70”, 80” and even 90” in size. Our 12K projectors, wide range of lenses and virtually endless screen sizes will fit your needs for corporate events, presentations and beyond. We can project any image on any surface at any angle.  Exciting Events delivers creative concepts and video productions that will attract and influence your clients. Our goal is always to provide the best possible service, while building lasting relationships with our clients.

Special Effects

Exciting Events is a full service production company specializing in a large array of special effects. To each new challenge, we bring almost 30 years of experience and tradition of excellence in the production industry. Keeping up with the latest technologies allows us to carefully analyze every possible approach to any given effect.  Whether you want to amaze and awe your clients with our continuous confetti showers, fog, lasers, cryo jets or have thousands of balloons drop from the ceiling we are the company for you.  At Exciting Events, we love what we do and simply believe that a creative vision is what’s really needed to complement your event. We are dedicated to providing the most professional and unique service in the industry. We’ve provided special effects for live events all over the United States from corporate, non-profit, and even the sporting world both indoors and outdoors, Exciting Events has the experience necessary to handle your next event and will design and produce the best special effects to ensure the best service and effect possible.

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