Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Job Duties:
Ensures operation of machinery and mechanical equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements on engines, motors, pneumatic tools, conveyor systems,
and production machines; following diagrams, sketches, operations manuals, manufacturer's instructions, and engineering specifications; troubleshooting malfunctions.

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Mechanical Tutorials

Introduction to Machine Tools
Basic information on machine tools. Lathes, Mills, Drill Presses.
Introduction to Machine Tools
These pages will introduce some of the basics of machine tool use for prototype fabrication.
Car maintenance and repair tutorial
This tutorial is designed to assist the do-it-yourselfer with performing automobile repairs. It is structured around problem areas, such as "my car won't start", encapsulating the problem area with an overview of the diagnosis and repair.
FREE Pump Troubleshooting Software
Discover the quick and easy way to solve your pump problems
Free online Industrial Training Skills Assessment Tool
we had our own software development team design this robust, and totally free online training tool, with no sign in requirement or strings attached!
Free Engineering Mechanics Online Practice Tests
59 Tests for Engineering Mechanics
Free Mechanical Aptitude Test
This free mechanical aptitude test measures your knowledge of straightforward physical and mechanical concepts.
Free online Industrial Training Skills Assessment Tool
This is a great tool for new-hires, existing employees, students, and individuals to test their own knowledge.
Maintenance for Industrial Systems.rar
This text book gives future industrial technicians a strong basis in primary theory coupled with a sensible �arms-on� approach that features exposure to actual-life tools used in the trade today.
Air Compressors Tutorial
Types of Air Compressors; Reciprocating, Rotary Vane, Screw Components; Safety Devices, Pressure Control, Air Intake System, Cleaning Air Filters, Air Receiver, Intercoolers, Lubrication System, Troubleshooting Chart, References.
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics : Occupational Outlook Handbook
Industrial Machinery Mechanics and Maintenance Workers
Mechanical Aptitude Tests
Mechanical aptitude tests assess your ability to learn and determine the level of common sense that you possess.
Mechanical Theory/Technology
Michelin Mechanical Study Guide; Bearings, Lubrication, Belts and Pulleys, Gears, Fasterners, Drawings and Blueprints
MechELearning provides free mechanical engineering and robotics video tutorials and other related material.
Mathematics for Mechanics
# Algebra # Geometry # Trigonometry # Analytical Geometry # Calculus # Vectors
   University of Nebraska
Maintenance Mechanic Training
Duty A: Pumps (Not Hydraulic) A-07b: Rebuild Pump (Graco Displacement)
Maintenance Mechanic Training
Duty A: Pumps (Not Hydraulic) A-09b: Rebuild Pump (Aro Diaphragm)
Maintenance Mechanic Training
Duty EG: Cranes/Hoists EG-02: PM Crane/Hoist (15 Ton)
Maintenance Mechanic Training
Duty R: Machine Shocks R-02: Rebuild Machine Shocks
FastMaint CMMS Maintenance Management software is suitable to manage both unplanned/ breakdown and preventive/ planned maintenance work orders.
After downloading and installing the program, you will be able to use the program without any restrictions, either of time, quantity of equipment, etc. To help you learn how to use the CMMS program, a full course with over 90 videos is included.
Mechanical Formulas
Mechanical Reasoning Formulas for Mechanical Appitude Tests
Mechanical Formulas
How to calculate Torque and Horsepower for Variable Speed Drives
Helpful Mechanical Formulas
Electrical and Mechanical Formulas for Mechanical Appitude Tests
Electrical / Mechanical Application Formulas
Power - AC Circuits, Power - DC Circuits, Mechanical, Fans & Blowers, Pump Motors
Mechanical Aptitude Test
This test consists of 15 mixed mechanical appitude questions, you have 12 minutes to complete the questions.
Free Practice Aptitude Tests
Numerical Aptitude Test; Verbal Aptitude Test; Non-Verbal Aptitude Test; Mechanical Aptitude Test
free Electrician Practice Test
Take a free Electrician Practice Test to see what kind of questions are on actual electrician license exams.
Available Courses / Mechanical
Courses Types: Gas Dynamics and Propulsion; Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering; Refrigeration and Airconditioning; Solar Energy Technology; Microfluidics; 90+ FREE Mathematics Online Courses; 130+ Free Computer Science Online Courses
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California Free Online High Schools:
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Central California Connections Academy
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Clovis Online School
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Insight School of California - North Bay
IQ Academy - Los Angeles
Kaplan Academy of California
Pacific View Charter Online High School
Riverside Virtual School
University of California College Prep
University of California College Prep

Hydraulics Tutorials

Fluid Power
Hydraulic Fluids, Pumps, Fluid Lines and Fittings, Valves, Sealing Devices and Materials, Reservoirs, Strainers, Filters and Accumulators
Pascal's Principle and Hydraulics
Hydraulic systems use a incompressible fluid, such as oil, to transmit forces from one location to another in their operation.
Fluid Power - Intro to Hydraulics, Pneumatics, and how it all works
They eliminate the need for complicated systems of gears, cams, and levers. The fluids used are not subject to breakage as are mechanical parts, and the mechanisms are not subjected to great wear.
Hydraulics Tutorial
In order to avoid any damage due to ignorance, this document prepares the user for proper care and installation of the hydraulic equipment related to servo-valve controlled systems
Hydraulic Symbols Tutorial
Hydraulic Symbols with description of item
Fluid Symbols
Basic Fluid Symbols
Basic Hydraulic formulas
This page that provides you with formulas involving basic hydraulics.
Fluid Power Formulas
Online reference tool for mechanical designers. Includes engineering data tables, material info, manufacturing methods, design guides and more.
Hydraulic Systems Formulas
Torque and horsepower relations, Relationship between displacement and torque of a hydraulic motor, Heat radiating capacity of a steel reservoir
Injection Molding Troubleshooting Sample eBook
A sample of a customized Troubleshooting OSB Hydraulics Operator Training manual in a fully searchable eBook format.
Hydraulic Technical Library
Hydraulic maintenance tips & other technical data.
Moog Electrohydraulic valves
Moog Inc. was the founded in 1951 byWilliam C. Moog, inventor of the Electrohydraulic Servovalve. His creation heralded a new era in precision control
Hydraulic Troubleshooting
By following an organized step-by-step testing procedure, the problem can be traced to a general area, then if necessary, each component in that area can be tested or replaced.
Hydraulics Tutorial
The golden rule of servo safety is cleanliness. Never assume anything is clean enough until you prove it. Any disassembly or modifications to the hydraulic system between the filter and servo-valve calls for a full scale flushing operation described
Hydraulic oil Properties
Optimal properties of hydraulic oils are achieved by a combination of a base oil and additives (anti-wear additives, detergents, Additives in lubricating oils#Anti-oxidants, anti-foaming agents, rust and corrosion inhibitors etc).
Building a SimHydraulics Diagram
The MathWorks SimHydraulics diagram from Simulink. Simulink is an environment for multidomain simulation and Model-Based Design for dynamic and embedded systems.
Hydraulic Formulas
Hydraulic Formulas and equations needed for calculations
Hydraulic Thermal Formulas
cooling,resevoir cooling capacity,oil heat,heat in oil,heat due to pressure,heat due to flow
Hydraulic Design Equation Formulas
Provides science, math, engineering, equation, formula design calculators, programs and freeware
Online Hydraulics Quiz
The quiz below should be administered to all maintenance personnel responsible for hydraulic equipment.
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International Academy
Nevada Virtual Academy
Northeastern Nevada Virtual Academy
Keystone School

Machine Calibration

Fadal Machining Center Maintenance Manual
Dial Indicators
Dial indicators are precision measuring tools with a myriad of applications in the machine shop.
check machine geometry and lost motion
Maintenance Mechanic Training Duty BD: Alignment Page 1 of 14
check machine geometry
Maintenance Mechanic Training Duty BD: Alignment Page 1 of 10
laser alignment
Optical tooling is a means establishing and utilizing a line of sight (LOS) to obtain precise reference lines and reference planes from which accurate measurements are made with position sensitive targets.
Machine Calibration
Renishaw uses a technique that takes advantage of XL-80 laser interferometer which reduces settling time to just 250 milliseconds after each incremental axis move, cutting calibration times by 85-95 percent.
Five Basic Errors in Shaft Alignment
Properly aligned shafts will do more to increase bearing, seal, and rotor life than any other single thing you can do after lubrication.
Detail of CNC machine tool backlash
Backlash in the X and Y axis of machining centers is most obvious when milling full circles. If any backlash exists, there will be a nasty witness mark on each quadrant line.
Eliminating Backlash, Part 1: Basics
When the axis is commanded to move, the drive motor may turn briefly before movement begins. That delay is the backlash.
Eliminating Backlash, Part 2: Refinements
sources of the backlash on a given axis: Leadscrew & Nut, Leadscrew and/or Nut Mounting, Motor Drive Mechanism, Slideways and or Gibs, Machine Flexure and Rigidity
Squaring up your Mill
Table left/right movement is referred to as the X axis. Table in/out movement is the Y axis. Headstock up/down movement is referred to as the Z axis.
Table saw alignment
Most American style hybrid and contractor saws are constructed in a similar way, so if you need to align your table saw, this article may provide some useful tips.
Woodworking Tools alignment
The goal is to help you align your woodworking tools quickly and accurately without the need for trial and error (i.e. test cuts).
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Arizona Virtual Academy
Arizona Connections Academy
Havasu Online
Hope High School Online
Humanities and Sciences Academy
iQ Academy Arizona
Pinnacle Virtual High School
Primavera Online High School
Sequoia Choice High School


Safety Precautions & wrenches
Wrenches, Open-end, Box, Combination, Socket, Torque, Adjustable, ..more.
Tools and Their Uses
Ch.1 Introduction, Ch.2 Safety, Ch.3 Reading Measuring Scales, Ch.4 Tool Boxes, Ch.5 Dividers, Ch.6 Types & Uses ... over 50 chapters.
Precision Measuring Tools
Descriptions with picture
Hand Tool Tips
It is important to choose your tools correctly and use them safely.
Using Hand Tools
The great variety of tools may be divided by their use into definite groups.
hand tools
This section was designed to help increase your hand tool knowledge.
ProperTool use and abuse


TrackPro Calibration Management
TrackPro Calibration Management software allows you to track the status of recurrent items such as calibrations, maintenance, validations, and reminders.
Computerized Maintenance Management System
A CMMS software package maintains a computer database of information about an organization�s maintenance operations.
CNC Cookbook
Along the way I have written a number of explanatory and other articles about machining and CNC.
New Compensation Method Improves Machine Tool Accuracy
Siemens Energy & Automation previewed its new Volumetric Compensation System (VCS). Running on SINUMERIK 840 D controllers, VCS targets the geometric errors that can throw off the location and orientation of the tool center point.
CNC System - Electrical Components
An encoder is a device used to change a signal or data into a code.
various machine manuals download
Cincinnati, LeBlond, South Bend, Bridgeport, K & T, Pratt & Whitney, B & S, ..
Fadal support
Operations and Maintenance manuals - pdf format
Milling Machine Description
Milling machines are very versatile. They are usually used to machine flat surfaces, but can also produce irregular surfaces. They can also be used to drill, bore, cut gears, and produce slots.
Machine Lathe Description
The purpose of a lathe is to rotate a part against a tool whose position it controls. It is useful for fabricating parts and/or features that have a circular cross section.
Milling Machine (Millmaster CNC)
BME - Machine Shop on-line manual: Milling Machine
Machining Resources
Resources for machining, machining tutorials, metals and metalworking are found on this page.
PLC troubleshooting and diagnostics
Learn how to troubleshoot and diagnose PLC's with this procedure and how to identify the PLC problem areas.
Axis load or binding
How to determine where a machine axis load, bind, or stick slip problem may be coming from
Servo & Drive alarms
Troubleshooting Servo Drive Alarms
Pulse coder alarms
Pulse Coder alarms Troubleshooting APC/SPC (absolute pulse coder or serial pulse coder)
Instructions How to use a Milling Machine
Milling is the process of machining flat, curved, or irregular surfaces by feeding the workpiece against a rotating cutter containing a number of cutting edges.
Instructions How to use a Lathe
The lathe is a machine tool used principally for shaping pieces of metal (or other materials) by causing the workpiece to be held and rotated by the lathe while a tool bit is advanced into the work causing the cutting action.
Diagram of an Engine Lathe
Explanation of the standard components of most lathes
Machine Restoration Tips 1
These pages contain tips to be used in the restoration of machine tools.
Eliminating Backlash, Part 1
According to the CNC Dictionary, backlash is any kind of unexpected play in an axis due to clearance or looseness of mechanical parts.
Eliminating Backlash, Part 2
How to go about diagnosing? Simply put, there are just a few areas that can be sources of the backlash on a given axis


Top 7 Urban Legends About Motor Oil
What's True and False About How We Use Oil in Our Cars?
Motor Oil
Motor Oil From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While the main function is to lubricate moving parts, motor oil also cleans, inhibits corrosion, and cools the engine by carrying heat away from the moving parts.
How to Choose the Best Motor Oil for Your Car
Is regular oil better than synthetic motor oil? What do all those numbers on the front of the bottle mean?
The Hidden Cost of Oil Changes
Unlike changing the oil in your car based upon time or miles, oil changes for industrial equipment should be based on need where no other practical solution to restore proper lubrication is available.
Classification of lubricants
General classification of lubricants; Classification of lubricants by application; Classification of lubricants by additives
Engine oil (motor oil)
Functions of engine oil stable oil film between sliding surfaces reliable engine operation in a wide temperature range Rust (corrosion) protection Cleaning the engine parts Sealing piston ring Prevention of foaming Cooling the engine parts
Additives in lubricating oils
Friction modifiers; Anti-wear additives; Extreme pressure (EP) additives; Rust and corrosion inhibitors; Anti-oxidants; Detergents; Dispersants; Pour point depressants; Viscosity index improvers; Anti-foaming agents
Design Manual for Machine Lubrication
The information given in this manual is presented to enable the user to properly utilize Norgren products in the design of his machine lubrication system
Machinery Lubrication
Lubricants, Oils, Maintenance. Don't Just Measure Performance � Manage It. Particle contamination control has several components, but it begins with good lubricant storage, handling and application methods.
Lubricant Analysis Supports Predictive Maintenance
Identification of the root causes of internal damage is definitely part of effective lubrication management.
Synthetic Oil
Synthetic oil is a lubricant consisting of chemical compounds that are artificially made (synthesized).
SKF Maintenance & Lubrication Products
By applying the right maintenance practices and using the correct tools, you can considerably extend your bearing�s service life and increase plant productivity and efficiency.
Synthetic & Specialty Lubricants
Tribology Tech-Lube is a leader in the manufacturing of specialty, synthetic, and semi-synthetic lubricants, oils, and greases
Motor Oil - Separating Facts from Friction
The fact is that virtually every motor oil that is sold these days will deliver ample protection for the types of automobiles that most of us drive
Gear Oils
Properties of gear oils; Proper viscosity; Ability to withstand extreme pressures (EP); Thermal and oxidation stability; Corrosion and rust protection; Compatibility with seal materials.
Basic Lubrication Design
In addition to the lubricating function, motor oil also serves as a coolant, corrosion protector, and method of removing contaminants from the engine filter.
Lubrication Design
Engine lubricants are generally used to reduce friction between moving parts within the interior engine.


You will find practical information describing how to install, adjust, lubricate and maintain all of the primary types of anti-friction bearings
Bearing Failure: Causes and Cures
Excessive loads usually cause premature fatigue. Tight fits, brinelling and improper preloading can also bring about early fatigue failure.
RCFA: Bearing Failures
When a bearing in a critical piece of equipment fails prematurely, a maintenance specialist knows the failure usually indicates there is more here than meets the eye.
Rolling-element bearing
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ball Bearing
A ball bearing is a type of rolling-element bearing that uses balls to maintain the separation between the bearing races.
Mechanical Bearing
A bearing is a machine element that constrains relative motion to only the desired motion, and reduces friction between moving parts.
Ball Bearings
The purpose of a ball bearing is to reduce rotational friction and support radial and axial loads.
MRC Bearing Engineering Handbook
The standard MRC part number is sufficient for specifying customer requirements for all �Stock� sizes. A Descriptive Part Suffix is frequently combined with the standard MRC Part Number to provide a more complete description of Bearing Design Specifications
Air Bearing Basics
Basically, air bearings use a thin film of pressurized air to support a load
How Bearings Work
1. Introduction to How Bearings Work 2. The Basics 3. Bearing Loads 4. Types of Bearings 5. Lots More Information
Bearing Terms Glossary
A to Z bearing terms
Glossary of Bearing Terms
To better understand frequently used bearing terms, definitions are provided
Bearing Terms Glossary
Glossary, definition, options, and applications
Bearing Self Study Guide
This book should prove of practical value to mechanics, maintenance superintendents and anyone who can benefit from understanding of roller and ball bearings.
Wheel end bearing and seal installation guide
covers the removal and installation of SKF seals and bearings on front and rear wheel drive passenger cars."> Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Tutorial Bearing self study guide


Conveyor terminology Glossary
glossary and links to conveyor information
Maintenance Mechanic Training
Duty G: Conveyors G-19: Troubleshoot Chip Conveyor
Maintenance Mechanic Training
Duty G: Conveyors G-34: Replace Headpulley/Tailpulley (Belt)
Screw Conveyor Safety Operation and Maintenance Manual
A number of safety precautions are included in this manual.
Convetor Operation & Maintenance Manual
Maintenance Personnel: an individual who is trained and authorized by the employer to perform preventative maintenance and other technical services of required skill level
I-A. Conveyors
Conveyors are used to move materials over a fixed path. The major types of conveyors are
Repairing Conveyor Belts
Recent product and tool innovations offer new solutions that can save time without sacrificing the strength, consistency and quality of the repair.
scheduled conveyor maintenance plan
A well-executed scheduled maintenance plan can extend the life of your conveyors, make them more reliable, and help prevent expensive downtime.
How to Adjust Conveyor Drive Chain Alignment and Tension
Improper adjustment or lubrication may cause noise and/or extensive wear to the drive components, resulting in a shorter life cycle and decreased conveyor performance.
Conveyor Safety and Preventive Maintenance
Most accidents causing personal injury can be traced to unsafe work practices by either operating or maintenance personnel.
Conveyor system
A conveyor system is a common piece of mechanical handling equipment that moves materials from one location to another.
6 Tips for Better Conveyor System Maintenance
Here are a few conveyor system maintenance tips to keep those belts a-turning.
Conveyor Belt Tension and Tracking
Video - How to set belt tension and adjust belt tracking

Small Engine Repair

How to Repair Small Engines
Small gas engines serve us in many ways. They power lawn mowers, tillers, cultivators, trimmers, edgers, snowblowers, chain saws, pumps, generators, air compressors, and other useful home tools.
Troubleshooting and Repair of Small Gasoline Engines
This document addresses some of the most common ailments and provides detailed instructions for their diagnosis and cure.
Online Troubleshooting Guides
The links below will open a pop up window displaying the main page for the troubleshooting guide of your choice.
Repair and Service Tips for Briggs and Stratton Small Engines
This site contains tips and advice on repairing and servicing many types of Briggs and stratton small engines
How do I troubleshoot & repair common small engine problems
Use this comprehensive guide when troubleshooting issues with your lawn mower, snow blower or other outdoor power products
Small Engines
This site helps users troubleshoot common and complicated problems with outdoor power equipment and small gasoline engines
Honda Engines - Troubleshooting tips
Please refer to your owner�s manual for details on all maintenance procedures and troubleshooting for your specific model. Find an owner�s manual here
Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Small Gasoline Engines
This document addresses some of the most common ailments and provides detailed instructions for their diagnosis and cure
Briggs and Stratton Repair Guide
How to repair and Maintain Briggs and Stratton small Engines
List of Free Small Engine Repair Courses
Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that's right for you.
Honda owners manuals
Honda Small Gas Engines Manuals are free to download
sm engine

sm engine

Bicycle Repair

Bicycle Repair, Maintenance
A Complete, Illustrated Online Bicycle Repair and Maintenance guide for road bikes, mountain bikes, Bmx bikes , general bicycles, and even for fixing recumbents
How-to bicycle repair
Bicycles are easy and fun to fix. Everything�s right there, easy to see and figure out. With basic hand tools, you can make many common repairs. Just by riding, you can diagnose problems.
Bicycle Repair Help and Education
Written by Park Tool Director of Education, Calvin Jones, the Big Blue Book is the perfect reference guide and step-by-step repair manual for nearly any bike, including road, mountain, bmx, and single-speed. We wrote the book on bicycle repair.
Bicycle Repair
Articles about bicycle repairing. hub, cone, cup, adjust, ball, bearing, tools, tool, cantilever, brake, derailer, derailleur, adjust, adjustment, seatpost, seat, post, chain, chainwheel, straighten, cable, chain, crank
Bicycle Repair Guide - Video Tutorials
Basic Bike Repair Tools, Chooseing the Right Lubricants, Bicycle Tune Up, Rear Derailleur Adjustment, How to True a Wheel, How to Replace a Broken Spoke, How to Check If Your Bearings Are Worn
Bike Repair Pages
Keeping your bike in good condition, well-tuned and well-maintained, makes you a safer biker. Learn how to repair and maintain the exposed parts yourself. Troubleshooting � Diagnosis of bike problems by symptom
Bicycles/Maintenance and Repair
Bicycles throughout the world are made with standardized, interchangeable parts. Unlike many modern products, the technology used in bicycles is simple enough to allow many riders to repair their own vehicles with a minimum of effort.
Bike Repair & Maintenance
Bicycling Magazine features bikes, bike gear, equipment reviews, training plans, bike maintenance how tos, and more
Bicycle Repair Articles
Articles describing bicycle repair techniques. Bicycle repair articles, repairing bicycles, bicycle repair, bike repair, bike tune up
Bicycle Repair
Learn how to repair bicycles with tips from our expert in this free bike repair video series.
Bicycle Repair Guide and Service Instruction Directory
The Total Bike Resource Center features the latest bicycle news, free photo classifieds, technical schematics, service manuals, repair information

Industrial Mechanic Jobs

Industrial Mechanic Technician Jobs
Job search (all U.S.) for All Industrial Mechanic Technician Jobs at
Industrial Mechanic Millwright Jobs
Browse Industrial Mechanic Millwright jobs from 1000s of job boards and employer web sites
Search 1.6 million Jobs on
Job Central-Search jobs in the United States
Job provides job listings and employment opportunities, over 70% of which are not on commercial job boards/sites
US Federal Government Jobs By Location
Federal Government jobs database. Over 15,000 immediate openings updated daily
The #1 careers directory and resource for career links, education, research, career development and management
Jobs Careerlink community help wanted bulletin board
Find Local Jobs & Employment Listings
Find new jobs, careers, and employment opportunities
Industrial Mechanic jobs & careers
Find all Industrial Mechanic jobs. Industrial mechanic job search made simple at SimplyHired, the largest search engine for jobs.
Job Bank Info
Find Your State Job Bank
employment spot
Employment resources for the job seeker and employer
employment guide
Employment provides job search resources including job fairs, online degree programs, career advice, and work at home jobs
The Federal Government's Official Jobs Site
Create and store a resume for applying to Federal jobs. It's fast, and makes it easier for an employer to find you!
free resume creator
Write Your Resume Online create resumes online simple to follow resume wizard takes you step by step to write your resume, free to use with easy editing system to make changes and updates as needed.

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