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Rick at Hot Tracks Recorded and produced my Smooth Jazz single....and its Great! Now doing another one. 

Buzz Conway - Balt, MD 

I recorded my Country album at Hot Tracks and could not believe the final product. Not only did they help me produce my CD but they are excellant top musicians as well and played on my tracks to take it to the next level. No place else could offer that kind of service. Hot Tracks is now the only place I will go. 

Wayne Plaster -  Balt., MD 

I have been in the music business my entire life and write and produce my own songs. Rick at Hot Tracks knows how to give me what I want. I'll drive from Delaware to Baltimore to get that sound Im looking for. 

Gene.Quaciari. -  Eastern Shore 

Rick is amazing at what he does and he gives you advice on what you think you should do to add some flare to your tracks...guess that's why it's called Hot

Cameron Bailey -  Balt., MD

I've recorded 14 Tracks here so far and have not been disappointed in the outcome of one Rick is a professional and gives u a quality product no matter what genre of music he can do it and the atmosphere is great. 

John Wilson  - 5 stars 

I have been going to Hot Tracks for several years
and Drive from Atlanta, Georgia....just to record at Hot Tracks in Baltimore, MD

Michael Fenando  - Altanta, Georgia

Great service, top of the line equiptment, excellant communication and superb final product.

Steven W. -  Balt., MD

I brought my band's recordings in to get mastered. Rick gave them a listen, and suggested we let him remix it. I tell you what. Best decision ever! Rick is very good at what he does. He took our recordings to a new level. He made EVERYTHING big and full. The sonic plate was amazing. All the instruments were clear and defined. On a personal level, Rick is an easy going guy that has your best intrests at heart. He is very fair and won't work you for money (like some studios do). Hot Tracks Studio is a great place to get your stuff done. If you're on the fence, don't sweat it. I'm telling you, no matter what you're project is, you will be very happy! 

Bill B - Balt., MD 

Thanks Rick, I downloaded everything you mastered last week.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.  When I record again I will come to you first. Smile-God Bless,

-Kevin “Invisible” Curry  - Baltimore, MD

I've recorded many songs, advertising and special event audio video projects at Rick Colfers studio, 'Hot Tracks'. I've always left with a professional looking and sounding product. Rick always caters to my every whim. He always respectfully advises me correctly concerning audio/visual production issues. I highly recommend using his services. His rates are competitive. You won't be disappointed. 

Gene Louis.  -  New Castle, DEL

My daughter decided to make her first cd at Hot Tracks Recording. The cd turned out great and I was especially impressed with the patience and the help she received from Rick in making sure she did the best job she could. He is very knowledgeable and gets the very best out of his clients. Its a good place to whether your an amateur or if you already have experience in making music. 

Lutanna J. -  Belair, MD

Great place to make a Demo ...Our Band is now doing our 3rd demo at Hot Tracks. 

John Sankonis - Balt., MD

My experience with Rick at Hot Tracks was exceptional. A nice atmosphere, and he helped me sound great. I did a variety CD with jazz and classic rock. It took several sessions and I was very happy with the recording I did. The best value in Baltimore, MD. I give Hot Tracks Recording a  5 star rating! It's nice to work with a professional. Thanks Rick!

Tom M. -  Balt., MD

Thanks for everything Rick, you really went the extra mile for us and we are forever grateful. It sounds awesome! We 'll be starting our new project in the  fall and am looking forward to working with you again.

Terry L. -   Balt., MD

I am not a singer....more of a rapper... but sometimes I try to sing on some parts to make my songs more interesting. Rick at Hot Tracks would not only give me the right notes to sing if I was off  but would make me sound like a real singer. His guitar solos are fantastic and made our songs so much better then we ever imagined. He really makes you feel special....just unbelievable. Thanks Rick....your the man. 

Josh B. -  Balt., MD

Nobody does it better. 5 stars for Rick at Hot Tracks. He was so helpful and kind to us during our sessions and
what we walked away with was amazing. Thank you so much.

Jason Gee. -  Fredrick, MD

Working with Hot Tracks has been both an enjoyable and professional experience. Rick Colfer is a stand up guy both as a engineer as well as a great & dedicated musician. He has our highest recommendation!

Cat Huff - Balt. MD

Great experience. My first recording experience and Rick made it easy and really produced a great product for me. 

Craig Rosendale - Fredrick, MD

Hot Tracks Recording is the place to go for highest quality production and attention to detail.Rick will take care of your recording project with a touch of a seasoned musician and recording engineer.

Jeff Silverman - Balt. MD

Thanks for being both a great tech and musician.  A winning combination for recording. 

Buzzy London - Balt. MD

Awesome Production!.....Really nice place to record your music. Rick is a pro..both as a musician and an engineer.

Bobby Morris - Balt. MD

Rick Colfer is totally professional and knowledgable. He is a pleasure to work with and  will provide musicians to help you record ie: a demo, etc. He himself is an accomplished musician.

Larry Scott

Great Place...5 stars in my book! Great Sound and really nice place to record. Rick is a pro.

Thomas Jenkin

Craig Rosendale Great experience. My first recording experience and Rick made it easy and really produced a great product for me. 

Jeffrey Silverman Hot Tracks Recording is the place to go for highest quality production and attention to detail.Rick will take care of your recording project with a touch of a seasoned ...More

Joan Kepford Rick, the owner provides great individual attention and service to all his clients. The equipment is absolutely top of line and that, together with his many years of experience in the music business, makes for an outstanding final product. 

Stanlee Brown Hot Tracks Top Notch Studio and sound and I didn't have to go to Miami or LA,, Thanks Rick!!!

Kashaka Olukayode Great Sound! Nice Place to Record, Rick know his music, Great Price!

Penny White professional, clean, well mixed finished product. relaxed atmosphere without diminishing the professionalism!

GEE SMOOVE Incredible experience, and professional can't see myself going anywhere else

Tray Holly This was a nice place to record #TrayLow


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