Studio Photo Gallery

Main Control Room - Studio A

Hot Tracks has over 2000 square feet of space for both comfort and convenience


Soundcraft Console                                                                            Outboard Gear  I                                                                   Outboard Gear II

The Lounge / Conference Room                                                                                  Vocal Room (Booth)

Client Playback & Work Desk                                                                Studio A   24 X 16                                                                      Studio A  24 X 16

                          Mood Lighting    Playback Studio A                                                         Sound Proof Rooms

  Clients can book sessions right online from our pay online page .


Studio C - Control Room

Studio C and  Drum Booth  12 X 20


Our lobby has always been and interesting attraction for both new clients and visitors.
     With five walls of client photos displaying both local and national artists...
     people are always amazed. The problem is we're running out of space.


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