The Scorpion II is included in the Darton Crossbow line because of its quietness and compact, lightweight design. This compact frame with its trigger forward design and killer speed has raised the bar in crossbow evolution. Proven performance, feel and accuracy are what you get from this crossbow

 The Dagger is even more compact with a 30" overall length and 19.5" width, weighing only 6.3lbs!  With Speeds up to 340fpsand a powerstroke of 10", the Dagger is a powerful, lighweight & compack package !   

THE MXB-320 - In Stock and Avail Now

MXB-320 is a shorter, lighter crossbow with extreme accuracy and powerful speed up to 320 fps. (Hence the name MXB 320)

An adjustable stock and a trigger system that automatically goes into safe-mode when it’s cocked.

The MXB 400 is the next level in performace and speed!  Lightweight and balanced feel.  The most versitle crossbow on the market yet!

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