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Steam & Diesel Power Plant Operators Examinations - Engineering.

Trap Shooting Secrets - Professional Sport Target Shooting.

Precision Shooting - The Trap Shooters Bible - Advanced Professional Sport Target Shooting.

Screen & Stage Marketing Secrets - Selling Your Screenplay or Stage Play Instructions

Internet Address Book - Computers & Internet.  Log Your Website Contacts , etc.

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Walking With The Lord - A Christian Daily Devotional book.

Oatman Arizona Holy Land Tour - Self-Guided A uto & Motorcycle Tour Book .

How to Change The Oil In Harley Davidson Motorcycle  - Fix My Hog

How to Install Motorcycle Tires & Fix Flat Tires

The Lost Gospel of John - A New Testament of Jesus

The Lost Gospel of James - Another New Testament of Jesus

Apostasy Devotional Book

Professional Sportsman's Expense Log Book

Professional Target Shooter's Diary & Journal



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Our Stage Play & Screenplays


An Evening of Comedy Skits - Eleven Ten Minute Stage Plays.  Television Special or Stage. Very Low Budget.

Stage Play - Comedy Stage Play - Two Women Determined to Get Married.  Low Budget.

Revenge of the Grannies - Comedy Screenplay -   Military Combat by Grandmothers. 

True Bums - Comedy Screenplay - Rich Bums Ride the Railroad to Happiness.

Mystic Forest - Fantasy Quest to Save a Redwood Forest.

Vortex - True Story - Prison Movie of the Week.

Tough Beat - True Story - Female Correctional Officer Survival Story.

Joey - Comedy Screenplay - Dysfunctional Family On The Run.

Fabulous America - Dysfunctional Family Escapes to America.


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Note: Many, but not all, of the e-books are not printable.  They are read-only unless otherwise stated in writing by the publisher .   It will be noted in the book description on this Website if the e-book can be printed to paper.  The printing may be limited so multiple copies can't be created to protect our copyright.

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