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Learn how you can proclaim the Gospel with ease!  Read the book!

Available in print and e-books versions.

The Oatman Arizona Holy Land Tour.  Click here to read more! 

Lost Gospel of John Best Seller

 The Lost Gospel of John.  Click here to read more!

Apostasy Devotional Book Best Seller

Apostasy Devotional Book.  Click here to read more!

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Click here for article 9 - How to Shut-Up the Atheist.

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Click here for article 11 - Islam - The Terrible Religion of War

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Click to Start Your Own Christian Ministry in Less Than 2 Hours - Free!

There are many more free Christian articles on this Website.

Read our Free Article Comedy Witnessing .  It tells you how you can have fun proclaiming the Gospel.


For a Complete List of Free Articles - Click Here !

news flash  animated.gif (4419 bytes) THE LOST GOSPEL OF JOHN & JAMES

Two New books... a new gospel!  Found in the hills of Jerusalem, exposes the apostate churches of the end times.  Entertaining Christian fiction.  You need to get this book.  Click here to read more of The Lost Gospels of John and James.

news flash  animated.gif (4419 bytes) THE APOSTASY DEVOTIONAL BOOK

New book... a new way to expose the apostate churches!  The first apostasy devotional book ever published!  A daily guide exposing the false teachings in the church that you are attending .  Do not be deceived... read this book.  Click here to discover this book.

We Publish Christian Books.  If you are an author, go to our submission guidelines.

"Anthropologists have never discovered a tribe of atheists!"

"He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap." 1 Samuel 2:8

God gave you a message to share; don't keep it to yourself!

Apathy; The Disease Nobody Cares About.

Life is short twill soon past.  Only what's done for Christ will last.

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"The man who reads not the Bible thereby rejecting God's advice and commands is a foolish man.  It is he who makes stupid mistakes in his life and then wonders why God has dealt him a bad hand.  Even common sense eludes him and trouble and mischief befall him all of the days of his miserable life.  Every troubled soul I have met has willfully enacted this powerful formula of absolute failure; he removed God's Word the Holy Bible from his life and disaster comes with no relief.  It never fails.  They should read Proverbs of Solomon in the Bible to obtain wisdom, read Psalms and the New Testament then actively serve God by sharing the gospel to the lost." - James Russell

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