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AMAZING OIL & GAS TREATMENT - Feel and Hear the Power

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A new book titled

             "The Oatman Arizona Holy Land Tour"

Click here to read about it. 

Walking With The Lord - A Christian Devotional book is now available.  Click link for the e-book version.

The Internet Address Book is now available.   Valuable for anyone who owns a computer and uses the Internet.   Great for recording all of your internet contacts, passwords, usernames, bookmarks, emergency computer system files and more!

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Evening of Comedy Skits is now available.   Eleven incredibly low-budget stage plays or television special event program.  High school and college students love these comedy skits!

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How to Change the Oil in Your Twin-Cam Harley Davidson Motorcycle .  Read all about this new book.  It can be used to change the oil on most all Harley Davidson V-Twin engines (except the V-rod).

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Apostasy Devotional

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Professional Target Shooter's Diary & Journal

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Professional Sportsman's Expense Log Book

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How To Install Tires on Motorcycles & Fix Flat Tires




Creation of Adam

  The sample image above is of a man lying down sleeping with his fingers resting on his chest.  Note the fine details in the image, even the fingers on his chest!  This is natural rock art.  An entire mountain sculpted by the hand of God!  This rock-art was discovered in Oatman, Arizona.  It is just one sample image from our online Art Gallery. 

  The art is of natural rock formations and none of the photographs have been altered to create the effect.  What is more amazing is how these natural rock art images have been hidden from the eyes of mankind for thousands of years, until now! 

  You can purchase this fine art image for only $39.00.  Each image is mechanically titled and signed for authenticity.  We have much more to offer you.


Visit the new James Russell Art gallery See things you have never seen before!

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