The President's Message dv
President David Foster

Welcome to the Kansas Elks Association Website.

These programs are implemented into our schools and communities through our many Lodges. With help of grants through the Foundation, we can support youth, veterans, and the less fortunate in our communities.

KETCH [Kansas Elks Training Center For Handicap] is our Major Project. With funding from State and National level it makes it challenging to make it profitable. We are very fortunate to have very dedicated CEO, Directors and Staff to stay on top of problems that are thrown at them every month. Our many Lodges and Members help support the center. If you are ever in Wichita, 1006 E. Waterman St. stop say hi and let them give you a tour. It will be  a very heart warming experience.

If you are interested in any of our programs stop by any of our lodges and ask to volunteer. Go to our website and read our 4 star newspaper put out every 3 months and you can stay in tune on what we are doing in Kansas and our communities.

Thank you David Foster, KEA President.
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