40 day

Want to see growth, change, and new direction in your spiritual walk?
Join Life Assembly for a forty-day prayer journey.

From Wednesday, March 12th to Sunday, April 20th, we will be literally walking out the biblical concepts of community together as we share common needs and seek common goals for each other, our city, and the Kingdom of God around the world.  We are going to accomplish these goals by walking, praying, fasting, and reflecting upon the principles and promises of God.

In regards to fasting, during these forty days, we encourage you to prayerfully set something aside in order to strengthen your focus on what God is saying to us during the days leading up to our celebration of the resurrection.

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First Steps: Keep in Touch with What Life is Doing

For the next 40 days, Life Assembly will be posting guided prayer options (click here to find them)  on a daily basis, encouraging you to join with us as we focus on an aspect of our journey together day-by-day. Each prayer focus will be sent out via our,, and the  40 Day Journey blog . We will also be handing out a paper copy of each week’s prayer guide on Sunday mornings at Life. These focused prayer options are intended to daily guide our prayers in unity with one another.

Next Steps: Connect and Walk with the Life Community

During these 40 days, we want you to share and encourage others. We need one another to make this journey. Here’s a few ways to connect with the Life Community below:

1. Keep up with what God is doing in your life. Write down in a prayer journal how God is working in your personal situation and your spiritual walk. Seeing prayers being answered on paper can be an illuminating reminder of God’s ultimate power and authority in every aspect of your life.

2. Share what God is doing in your life with the Life community over these next 40 days.

  • Email 40days@lifeassembly.com: This address provides a personal location to share how you are being affected through this time of prayer. Prayer requests and stories of encouragement and praise are welcome.
  • Tweet your thoughts: Tweet thoughts you are having in your prayer encounters, or 140 characters of encouragement along with the hashtag  #LA40days .
  • Post to Facebook: Let your friends know online how God is working in your life over these 40 days.