Our Missionaries Trips Missions is a term of which we each have our own definition.  At Life, we hope you’ll throw out your definition and let God create a new one in you.  We are not just about missions; we are about reaching the world with the love and truth of Jesus Christ.  Here, you’ll find many opportunities to both go and to send .  We pray you’ll do both.  When you change your geography, God will change your reality.

So let God plant new dreams in you of what He can do through you.  Whether giving or going, missions is about people . . . and people are God’s passion.


When I see these words, they create an association that makes my heart beat for the passage of Acts 1:8: “you shall receive power… you shall be a witness…. to the end of the earth.”

Life. The first part of this verse indicates that I receive something that affects me and changes my life. I receive power. Through my relationship with Christ, I am changed. Walking out this change is how I become committed and stay connected to his Kingdom and the cause thereof. This is the essence of life.

On. The word “on” speaks of position. I have come to realize that when I break out of my routine, cross through my fears, and put aside my excuses and assumptions, I can find myself in a different position than I am today. Not only will that positional change often be geographical, but also spiritual. By going, I change in my relationship to God. The “on” part takes a massive amount of faith. The “on” portion takes me to the position where I become a witness- and witness Him.

Assignment. This term speaks to our mission to take God’s love to the ends of the earth. There are those who are out there who need what I have experienced: “life.” In my journeys, I have experienced great self-discovery. It doesn’t matter where I go, the people who are there are in need of this “life.” I become the witness to extraordinary events that shape eternity.

Learning to think in terms of eternity will cause one to gravitate toward the concept of “Life On Assignment.”

-Pastor Andrew Wharton