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Vocational Expert Services

Vocational Expert Services

Litigation Support
Earning Capacity Analysis
Vocational Testing and Evaluation
Labor Market/ Job Opportunity Research
Vocational Expert Witness Testimony

Types of Cases, Plaintiff OR Defense

Family Law/Divorce – spousal and child support
Personal Injury Accidents-
     - Motor Vehicle
     - Construction
     - Industrial
Employment Discrimination
Medical Malpractice-
     - Wrongful Termination
Workers' Compensation/ Diminished Future Earning Capacity
Reasonable Accommodations – American with Disability Act

Vocational Evaluation Process

Review of file information
     - Medicals
     - Depositions
     - Interrogatories
     - Financials- W-2, Tax returns, 1099’s
     - Employment records/ Personnel files
     - Educational records

Assessment Interview

Personal in depth interview are used to ascertain pertinent background information needed to provide a foundation for opinions.

Testing if appropriate

Standardized tests address current functioning in critical area of reasoning, math and language and well as aptitudes to include spatial, form, clerical and dexterity.

Transferable Skill Analysis

Historical avocation, volunteerism and work history is analyzed using a clinical approach and a computerized method to match an individual’s worker trait profile to the requirements and profile of jobs available in the local economy.

Opinion Formation

Opinions expressed are unique to the individual and case addressing current and future employability and earning ability with a link to the existence of work in the local labor market.

Earning Capacity Statement with supporting research

Earning or loss of earning capacity opinions are backed by local wages paid by employers, state, federal, and industry based salary surveys.

Labor Market/ Job Opportunity Surveys

Local labor market research with employers identify open positions, hiring trends, job responsibilities and earnings to support employability opinions.

Labor Projections

Federal and state projections of employment are referenced to address longer term indications of job availability.

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