in Airdrie

Photographs by Sam McCabe of Coatbridge

This collection of photographs date back to 1971 when Airdrie

ce l ebrated its 150th anniversary of becoming a burgh.The who l e town got in on the fun with hundreds of people dressing up for the occasion.A series of events were held to mark the Act of Par lia ment in 1821 which declared Airdrle a Burgh. .

In 1971 Airdrie celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Burgh

Our first picture shows 'soldiers' in period costume marching along Clark Street past the old community centre

while a Scots Guard is also pictured in his bearskin hat.

The old
Lanarkshire Fire Brigade is pictured with on
e of its appliances in
Graham Street
outside Grants

T wo of the younger Airdrieoni ans are pictured in the ir mini-skirts drawing an astonished glance from an elderly passer-by .

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