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The present town of Bellshill stands on land owned by the crown until 1135 when David Olifard, a godson of King David 1, relinquished his estate in Herefordshire in exchange for all the lands between the North and South Calder Waters.   This area ran from the west side of Uddingston to the boundary of the Lothians and was presided over from the 12th century tower house of Orbiston until 1242.  The tower house was situated at the site of the No 1 green on Bellshill Golf Course. 

The name Bellshill first appears in the Pont map of 1654 as "Belmill". The original village of Bellshill, situated at the east end of Viewpark, was formed by a row of quarry workers houses belonging to a Mr bell who owned the stone quarry that lay to the south of the village.  With the demise of the quarry the original village died away and a nieghbouring village of Crossgates (situated at what is now Bellshill Cross) became the focal point for the area.  Around 1810 this growing village took on the name of Bellshill and its expansion gradually absorbed surrounding villages such as Black Moss and Sykehead.

Bellshill Cross in 1890's

On the road between Glasgow and Edinburgh,  the town's principal industry was agriculture though it also boasted a modest weaving industry, a pickle factory and 4 clay tile works. In the mid 1800's it resources of iron and coal were developed and by 1875 shops and first class homes appeared in the town.   Thankerton colliery was the first major pit in the area and had operations at Carnbroe and other sites.   The railway also played a large part in the development of Bellshill and the first station was art Mossend. Later there were more local stations at Fallside and Bellshill Cross.

Bellshill Hospital started around the 1870's with two wards. It dealt with infectious diseases during World War 1.  In 1917 it became Lanarkshire's first Maternity Hospital.  This role increased and in 1962 a new maternity building was officially opened by HRH Queen Elizabeth.

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