Old Monkland Memories
from Canada

John Marrs

I lived in Old Monkland as a child, and I know most of the people listed in Bob Cameron's History of the Monkland s , I attended Old Monkland Public School before the second World War and I wonder if John Cameron, one of my early friends and a farmers son, is related to Bob.

The Cameron Farm was just up the end of Manse Avenue, my address then was 6A Manse Ave and I was the twin son of Sam Marrs, and we lived above the Johnsons, across from the Blairs and on the opposite stairs lived the Bruce family. Their son was my classmate, and Ian Lonsdale was also a childhood friend.

After I completed my National Service after service in the Suez Canal Zone during the Emergency of 1951-1954 in 1954 I emigrated to Canada, where I live now.I was wondering if it was possible to get in touch with Bob Cameron, since his Monklands History brought back a ton of memories. I have kept touch with one or two high school friends. but have found that a number have passed away.

My twin brother Jim Marrs is in a home in Glasgow but we keep in touch. Both Miss Littlejohn, and Miss Wilkie, I knew very well, also Miss Hodge, and Miss Crozier. I knew Miss Stark and her son behind the small swing park in Manse Ave. The minister daughter Elsbeth Anderson was in my class at school. I also with my brother, attended the picnics in the field between the manse and the Old Monkland Cemetery and I also knew Moira MacGregor and her sister who lived in the house next to Miss Littlejohns.

Ron Barrie was a friend as well as Frank Hailstones who passed away recently, and David Rankin, also Alex Fleming and Graham Brown, and his brother Robin who lived in Marshal Terrace, John Rammage, John Bambridge, and Buff Weir, as well as Donald Bain (a Cop ) who lived on Highcross Ave as well as Norman and Ian Gilmore.

Willie Campbell who lived opposite the Old Monkland Church and Jim and Alex Craig and Ian Dunsmore. Jimmy Young from Highcross Ave now lives in Cheshire, England and I keep in touch with he and his wife also from Highcross Ave.

I can also remember the Milnes from Manse Ave especially Addy Milne, and Ian Lonsdale, and Jean Much, who I believe became a nurse. My aunt is Mrs Bradshaw and she lived in Gartsherrie, on AuldHame St   Her brother in law was the Bradshaw of Football fame.

Would appreciate getting a phone number, and your website is wonderful, and perhaps you can get in touch with Bob Cameron for me. and give him my best. Thanks for the history lesson I felt as if I was back in Old Monkland again.

Cheers, Aye, John Marrs.

PS From 1949 until 1952, I worked in the Office of Stewarts and Lloyds, Calder Hot Roll Office.   I notice that you have Murray and Patterson and RB Tennants, but no Calder Hot Roll.  I live in Canada and have done so since the  50's, it would be nice to include the CHR in your wonderful website

Calder Hot Roll

Can anyone help John with an item on Calder Hot Roll??

John has since been in touch with Bob Cameron and has also written a short article on his memories from Calder Hot Roll

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