Drumpellier Home Farm

During the medieval period, Drumpellier was the farming grange of the Monks of Newbattle Abbey, which gives rise to the name of Monklands, the historical name for the surrounding area. Finally, the Monklands Canal lies at the south end of the park, and is a reminder of the great industrial heritage of Monklands.

The restoration and conversion of Drumpellier Home Farm (Grade B Listed) into 23 large self-contained apartments, including the reconstruction of a circular Doo'cot into a unique 2-bedroomed dwelling as a centrepiece to the development. The proposal also involved the erection for a number of new build residential properties within the immediate grounds of the listed building, this being enabling development to cross-subsidise the cost of renovation and conversion of the listed building. The remaining B Listed Steading is one of the largest and unique home farms remaining in Scotland and had fallen into a severely ruinous condition. [n addition to structural decay, the buildings and surrounding site were severely affected by previous mining activity with stoop and room workings at several levels underlying the site.

The photos on these pages were taken around the 1980s.

The Doocot

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