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Irish Genealogy Links Guide to Irish Genealogy The legendary Fianna of Ireland were a band of mighty noble warriors. Entrance was governed by strict tests and codes of honour. Yet the Fianna also had to be knowledgeable of culture, and more specifically they had to be poets. The Fianna Study Group for Irish Genealogy tries to bring the finest values to you through this web sit e.

Ulster Historical Foundation   this site promises to be the main resource for Northern Ireland - offers an online search as well as yearly conferences.    

I rish Surname lists Surname lists maintained by the county hosts are available for public posting and often lead you to others who are researching the same lines and can share information with you.  

Your Irish Roots : Irish Genealogy, Irish Surname & Irish Coat of
Arms.  Irish Genealogy research- Irish surname history, Irish Coat of Arms, Photographs, Maps, Books, Ancestor Reports, and information on tracing your Irish Ancestors 


Irish History Round Table -A resource of useful links to different eras of history, this is a good place to start for a general understanding of the history of Ireland how it affected the people and the political structure.    

Liberation of Ireland Additional information on the separation Ireland from England, giving insight to the ongoing political battle between the Irish and the English and it's affect on Northern Ireland and the religion of the Irish people.       Archives and Repositories

Trinity College - Dublin The oldest University in the world, Trinity College has the largest collection rare books and antiquities relating to the history, genealogy, and origin of the people of Ireland than any other university.  Public Record Office Northern Ireland The repository for all genealogical and historical documents relating to Northern Ireland upon it's separation from the Republic of Ireland and relating to Northern Ireland as far back as the 1600's, some as far back as 1300. Relating to government, courts of law, and records deposited by individuals and institutions it is searchable by a web search agent.    

Newsgroups and List Servers - Official Ireland Genealogy List associated with the Ireland Gen Web. All County hosts are subscribed so please ask them your questions! A great list server for finding out information about availability of records and for sharing information with others.    

SURNAMES-IRELAND Ireland Surname list to share information about surnames you are researching in Ireland and general information about links and emigration.
Surname list for Ireland sharing information with others around the world about surnames you are researching. Similar to IRELAND-L this server also answers questions about general research and does lookups for others. A listserver serving people of Northern Ireland and Scotch-Irish ancestry. Great for lookups and sharing information! Another good list server for finding out sources of information and sharing information with others. An excellent list server for finding out information about specific ships, passengers, and ports of entry. The members are very knowledgeable and thorough and willing to share information. Very heavy mail so be careful when you subscribe! Put only the word 'subscribe' in the message text to subscribe to this group.

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