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Glenmavis - The valley of the Plain?

Glenmavis is situated to the north of Airdrie and northwest of Coatbridge.  Almost all of the traffic from the north to Coatbridge goes through Glenmavis. (therby hangs another tale!!)   In 1830 the population was a mere 30 -  in the the 1870s it had increased to 339 - In recent years it has developed into a "dormitory town" where most people live a reasonably quiet life but travel outside it for work. In 1980 the population was 2215 - since then the housing developers have helped to increase the population to well over 3000 and growing!.  
There two schools of thought on how the village was named.  One suggests that it was named because of the prevalence of the Mavis or thrush (remember the old song "I have heard the Mavis singing"....?). The other suggestion is that it comes from the Gaelic - magh (pronounced may) meaning a plain -  Glenmavis - The valley of the Plain?
If you know another or more definitive origin of the name - write to us!!)

Glenmavisis famous for its church, referred to locally as "The Auld Grey Kirk on the Hill".  It is the original New Monkland parish church.  It was originally built in 1640, and stands on a hill overlooking the village - some 600 feet above sea level. From this hill on a clear day, it is possible to see the Isle of Arran, which lies some 60 miles to the west.
In 1777 the church was rebuilt from it's single storey form into the building that stands to this day. (This is why the steeple of the church looks out of proportion to the present building). The "Auld Grey Kirk on the Hill" name comes from the discolouration of the stones of the building owing to smoke and fumes from nearby heavy industry. - Since this industry is now a thing of the past, the building has reverted to it's original stone colour.

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