Palacerigg Country Park

Palacerigg is situated on the southern outskirts of Cumbernauld.  The park was brought into being in the 1970's by the efforts of Cumbernauld Burgh Council  and owes much to the dedication of the first Director David Stephen, a world famous naturalist.  Over 40 hectares of what was once an upland farm has been planted with thousands of native trees and shrubs.  This environment provides a sanctuary for thriving populations of roe deer, badger, fox and hares as well as hawks and owls.  

The Children's Farm area houses pygmy goats, zebu, wallabies, ornamental fowl. pot bellied and middle white pigs.  A children's favourite is the chipmunks scrambling at high speed all round their cage.  

The Wildlife and Rare Breeds Collection at Palacerigg is unique in Central Scotland providing a rare opportunity to see not only native Scottish and European animals but also numerous rare farm breeds.
The collection provides a home for more than two hundred individual animals including: Scottish wildcat and pine martin, seven species of owl, red, sika and fallow deer, Shetland, Herdwick and Ryland sheep, highland and white park cattle. 

 Visitors can walk a network o f nature trails and footpaths and watch herds of red deer and fallow deer as well as rare breeds of sheep and goats.  

The Millenium Longhouses were opened in 1998 and are the base for weekend training courses and demonstrations on a variety of woodland and other country crafts such as Basket Making, Weaving, Spinning and Paper making.
Climb to the heights of the Tree Top Walkway for a birds eye view of buds, branches and leaves as well as providing an aerial view of the roe deer and the rare sheep.

 If you are quiet you may also get a rare view of birds.
There are picnic and barbeque site scattered strategically all over the park.  There is a coffee shop and gift shop in the park centre.  Golfers will welcome the excellent 18 hole course which wanders through some lovely scenery.
In recent years a large pond has been constructed.  The water has not cleared as yet but already the ducks - mostly Mallards and a pair of Black Swans (from Australia) have taken over and staked their claim on nesting areas.

Palacerigg's Animal Keepers are on duty every day of the year and every effort is taken to maintain individual species in a manner promoting natural behaviour and quality of life.

For more information on Palacerigg tel 01236 720047

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