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Monklands Timeline
giving the dates for industrial events - mostly railways!!
- other dates are continually being added - if you know of any event that should be added please let me know
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c6500-4000 BC

Evidence of settlement by hunter-gatherer tribes as far back as the Mesolithic Age (c6500-4000 BC)

AD 1450

Lochend Loch Crannog  - an Iron age dwelling house made from wood and thatch, on an artificial island. Last year of usage?
c1161 The Drumpellier estate was the site of the original Grange built by the monks of Newbattle Abbey.
1162 Monklands area gifted by Royal Charter of  King Malcolm IV to the Cistercian Abbey of Newbattle
1224 Gift was confirmed but now also mentioned the land that lies along the (Clud) Clyde at Kermil or Kermyle (Carmyle).
1323 the name Munklands was first recorded in the Steward's Charter of the year
1560 The Reformation - The Monks mined coal and farmed the land until the time of the reformation when the land was taken from them and given to private landowners
1641 the parish of Monklands was divided between New Monkland (present day Airdrie) and Old Monkland (present day Coatbridge).
1650 the Barony of Monklands was split into two parishes: 
New Monkland
which encompasses Airdrie and surrounding villages to Slammannan in the east.  The North Calder water forms its southern boundary.  
1683 John Whitelaw, from Stand in New Monkland, was executed in November with other Covenanters. He became known as the Monklands Martyr.
1710 Haggs estate acquired by Archibald Hamilton renamed Rosehall
1740 Monks Chapel at Kipps farm falls out of use - was used as courthouse or chapel and a tithing centre - used more for civil than religious matters
12/04/1770 Royal Assent granted for the construction of the Monkland Canal
June 1770 Work Commences on the Monkland Canal
1773 Initial subscription of 10,000 runs out, work stops with the canal 2 miles short of Glasgow City Centre.
1782 Canal sold. New owners complete construction of the canal to Castle Street.
1790 Canal authorised to extend to join Forth and Clyde Canal and from Sheepford to the River Calder
1791 Faskine Colliery, first major colliery in Airdrie commences production.
1791 Junction with F&C opened to navigation.
1795 Calder Iron Works erected
1799 Branch opened to Greenend to serve Colliery.
Later extended to Calder Iron Wks (Dixon's Cut)
1800 Waggonway constructed from Legbrannock colliery to Monkland Canal
1801 Ironstone was discovered in the area by David Mushet.
1802 Calder Steel & Iron Co. commence production.
1805-1815 Development of collieries at Cairnhill & Kippsbyre, 
1816 Alexander Baird commences development of Rochsolloch, Drumpellier and Gartsherrie Collieries.
17/05/1824 Royal Assent granted for the Monkland & Kirkintilloch Railway
1826 Monklands Iron & Steel Co. open Chapelhall Iron Works
5/05/1826 Royal Assent granted for the Ballochney Railway
10/1826 M&K opened in full (Palacecraig to Kirkintilloch)
05/1826 Royal Assent granted for the Garnkirk & Glasgow Railway
08/08/1828 Ballochney Railway fully opened
1829 Gartsherrie Branch of Monkland Canal Opens
1829 Wishaw & Coltness Railway Authorised
1830 Whiterigg Branch (Ballochney Rly) constructed
1830s Massive industrialisation began in the area due to the availability of iron ore, coal and transport.
4/5/1830 William Baird commences operations at Gartsherrie Iron Works
1831 Monkland & Kirkintilloch commence using steam traction.
1831 Population of Coatbridge according to the census was 741.
05/1831 G&G commences freight operations
06/1831 Passenger service commences between Leaend and Townhead
27/08/1831 Formal opening of G&G
1833 Dundyvan Iron Works commences production
1833 M&K Act for Rosehall and Gunnie Branches introduced.
23/01/1834 Whifflet-Holytown section of Wishaw & Coltness Opened
1835 Calderbank Iron Works Commence Production
1835 Dykehead Branch (Ballochney Rly) Opened from Craigmaukin to Dykehead
03/07/1835 Royal Assent granted for the Slamannan Railway
1837 Summerlee Iron Works Commences Production
1837 Rosehall Branch (M&K) opened (the tunnel branch).
1838 Carnbroe Iron Works Commences Production
1838 Mosside Locomotive Works (M&K) Established
1839 Gartsherrie Church was built.
07/1840 Slamannan Railway opened to traffic
1840 Ronalds Forge erected - later known as North British Iron Works
1841 Langloan Iron Works Commences Production
The population of Coatbridge - re census was 1,599
05/1841 Dykehead branch (Ballochney Railway) extended to Darngavil
02/1843 Garnkirk & Glasgow Railway extended from Gartsherrie to Coatbridge. (site of existing Coatbridge Central Station)
1843 Drumpellier Railway opened from Cuilhill on the Monkland Canal to collieries in the Bargeddie Area.
1843 Coatbridge station was opened, on the Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway.
1844 Wishaw and Coltness opened throughout.
1844 Passenger service between Leaend and Townhead withdrawn
1844 Passenger Service Between Hallcraig St and E&G Commenced
07/1844 Garnkirk & Glasgow Railway becomes Glasgow, Garnkirk & Coatbridge Railway. Whifflet extension authorised
06/08/1844 Parliamentary Authorisation for change of gauge Wishaw & Coltness Railway
1845 Gartsherrie Academy was built.
1845 St Patricks Parish was founded. The first Mass was celebrated in a carpenter's shed in East Canal Street.
30/06/1845 Parliamentary Authorisation for change of gauge Glasgow Garnkirk & Coatbridge Railway, Monkland & Kirkintilloch Railway
14/07/1845 Glasgow, Garnkirk & Coatbridge Railway extended from Coatbridge to Whifflet. (Flat junction over Rosehall Branch built)
31/07/1845 Caledonian Railway Authorised
1845 Atlas Foundry established by James M'Gilchrist & co
1846 The Glasgow, Garnkirk and Coatbridge Railway merged with the Caledonian Railway.
01/01/1846 Garnkirk & Coatbridge Railway leased by Caledonian Railway, 
01/01/1846 Wishaw & Coltness Railway leased by Caledonian Railway
26/06/1846 Parliamentary Authorisation for change of gauge Ballochney Railway
16/07/1846 Parliamentary Authorisation for change of gauge Slamannan Railway
July Aug 1847 Change of gauge Monkland & Kirkintilloch, Ballochney and Slamannan Railways
26/07/1847 Change of gauge, Glasgow, Garnkirk & Coatbridge and Wishaw & Coltness Railways
1847 Building of the original St Patrick's Church began and was opened with a Ceremony of Blessing in 1848
1848 Construction of Caldercruix Mills
1848 St Patrick's Roman Catholic church was built.
15/02/1848 Caledonian Railway commence running from Glasgow to the South
07/08/1848 Caledonian Railway Castlecary branch opened (Garnqueen South Junction)
14/08/1848 Monkland Railways formed by amalgamation of Monkland & Kirkintilloch, Ballochney and Slamannan Railways
1851 Drumpellier Railway taken under control of Forth and Clyde Navigation
1851 Britannia Tube Works erected by John Lumsden & co
1851 Population of Coatbridge - the census was 8,564
1854 Coats Iron Works erected by Thomas Jackson of Coats
1855 The Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser was launched.
1857 R. B. Tennent & Co. opened their Whiffiet Foundry for roll making.
1858 Rochsolloch Iron Works erected
1859 Drumpellier Iron Work erected
1861 The Phoenix Iron Works erected
1861 Clifton Iron Works erected by Colville & Gray
10/05/1861 Mineral traffic commenced on Monkland Railways New Line (Bathgate Kipps)
11/08/1862 Monkland Railways Bathgate Kipps opened to passenger traffic
01/12/1863 Coatbridge Sunnyside Station Opened
1864 Kipps Locomotive Shed opened
1864 Coatbridge Tin Plate Works - Baillie & Bell
1864 Coatbridge Town Hall opened
31/07/1865 Monklands Railway Company absorbed by Edinburgh and Glasgow.
01/08/1865 Edinburgh & Glasgow Absorbed by North British
20/09/1865 Rutherglen & Coatbridge (Caledonian) Opened to Goods Traffic (1864 map shows track in place between Whifflet and Bargeddie, but spur from Langloan Junction to Coatbridge Junction still to be built)
08/01/1866 Rutherglen & Coatbridge (Caledonian) Opened to Passenger Traffic
1868 Lease on Rosehall Branch would expire
1868 Dundyvan Iron Works Closes Down
1870 Rosehall Mansion renamed Douglas Support
Dec 1870 Passenger service to Hallcraig St Withdrawn.
01/02/1871 Sunnyside Junction Glasgow (College) opened
1872 Former M&K route diversion to bridge over Edinburgh-Glasgow Road Completed
1874 Coats Parish Church was built.
St Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Whifflet, was built.
1875 A theatre and music hall was opened in Coatbridge.
01/11/1878 Whifflet Bothwell opened to Goods Traffic
01/05/1879 Whifflet Bothwell opened to Passenger Traffic
01/08/1879 Glasgow, Bothwell & Hamilton Railway Absorbed by North British (having been operated by NB since mid-summer)
1882 Albion Rovers Football Club was formed with the merger of the earlier Albion and Rovers clubs.
 25/06/1885 Coatbridge was awarded Burgh status. It was known as the 'Iron Burgh' due to its predominant local industry.
19/04/1886 Airdrie Branch opened to Goods Traffic. Wooden Locomotive shed with two roads,.
01/06/1886 Airdrie Branch (Caledonian) Opened to Passenger Traffic
01/06/1886 Old Whifflet Caledonian Station closed and replaced by Whifflet Low Level Station
1887 Calderbank Iron & Steel Works Close Down
20/08/1887 Fatal accident occurs when Calderbank viaduct collapses and locomotive and wagons fall into valley below.
01/09/1887 Cairnhill Junction Chapelhall opened
1888 Coatbridge Sunnyside Station Buildings completed
02/07/1888 Chapelhall Newhouse opened
1894 The Municipal Buildings were built. They were partially destroyed by fire in 1967.
29/06/1895 Original Whifflet (N.B.) Station closed and replaced by station further to North.
1894-1896 Old church was demolished 1894 and the present St Patrick's Church was completed on the site in 1896.
05/10/1897 Airdrie shed expanded.
21/11/1899 Airdrie shed burns down
1894 Coatbridge Municipal Buildings were built. The lesser Town hall was destroyed by fire in 1967.
c1900 Caledonian Railway rebuild G.G & Coatbridge Station
01/05/1900 New Airdrie shed planned
01/11/1900 New, larger, 3 road Airdrie shed opened. 
20/12/1903 Increased capacity between Coatbridge Central and Gartsherrie - line quadrupled
03/1904 Line Doubled between Airdrie and Bathgate
1919 Carrick Buchanan gifted Drumpellier estate to the town of Coatbridge
1919 Langloan Iron Works Closes Down
1921 Calder Iron & Steel works close
1921 Carnbroe Iron Works Close Down
 20/03/22: Kipps memorial to great war unveiled
09/06/1924 Rawyards West Junction to Calderbank Branch Junction Closed.
1925 Last 0-4-0 tender engine in Britain, NBR No.1011, withdrawn from Kipps Shed.
1930 Summerlee Ironworks Closes Down
01/05/1930 Passenger Service Withdrawn between Manuel Low Level and Coatbridge (Greenside Junction). Longriggend, Whiterigg, Rawyards and Commonhead Stations closed.
22/09/1930 Forrestfield Station Closed
22/09/1930 Whifflet (N.B.) Staion closed
01/12/1930 Passenger service withdrawn between Airdrie and Newhouse
27/12/1935 Cairnhill Junction - Gartness Junction closed and lifted.
1939 Freight service withdrawn between Chapelhall and Calderbank
18/06/1939 Line singled between Chapelhall and Calderbank
11/08/1939 Calderbank (LNER) Branch closed to all traffic (Possible Date - this is date of closure of Calderbank Steelworks Junction which was link from Caledonian branch)
12/08/1939 Line singled between Airdrie and Calderbank
11/09/1939 Airdrie shed closed. Part of the coaling stage moved to Yoker shed.
28/10/1940 Gartsherrie (LMS) Passenger Station closed.
31/07/1941 Freight service withdrawn between Calderbank and Airdrie (LMS). Line remained OOU until 1954
01/08/1942 LMS Apply for Abandonment order for the Monkland Canal
03/05/1943 Passenger service Withdrawn between Airdrie and Whifflet Upper. Airdrie (Cal.) and Calder Stations Closed
01/02/1944 Rosehall No10 Pit, last of the Rosehall Mines closed down
02/09/1945 Line singled between Whifflet and Bothwell. Signalboxes at Whifflet Central and Carnbroe (NB) closed
13/06/1948 Line singled between Whifflet High Level and Airdrie (Cal.)
01/09/1949 Freight service withdrawn between Slamannan & Rawyards
18/06/1951 Plains Station Closed
10/09/1951 Passenger service withdrawn between Blairhill and Bothwell, Coatbridge Central (N.B.) Station Closed
08/06/1953 Coatbridge (Caledonian Station) adopts name Coatbridge Central
29/12/1954 Calderbank to Airdrie (LMS) formally closed.
1955 "Glen" mine at Shawhead, (opened in1940) closed down
10/07/1955 Freight services withdrawn between Bothwell & Whifflet East Junction. Branch remained in situ OOU until 1961
09/01/1956 Passenger service withdrawn between Airdrie and Bathgate. Clarkston and Caldercruix Stations closed.
01/05/1956 Freight service withdrawn between Rawyards and Commonhead. (Rawyards Signalbox was not formally closed until 04/08/1958)
18/07/1960 Electrification and Re-signalling work on Airdrie - Glasgow Line. New Signalbox opened at Airdrie Station (28/02/1960), control area of Sunnyside Junction expanded to include Greenside Junction and that Box Abolished. Control Area of Heatheryknowe box expanded and box at Blairhill Station Closed
05/11/1960 Electric Services Inaugurated over the Glasgow North route
19/12/1960 Electric Services Suspended due to safety fears with the transformer equipment
1961 R.B. Tennants open the Meadow Works
06/06/1961 Bothwell to Whifflet East Junction formally closed. Branch remained in use as far as Rosehall Top sidings (Carnbroe N.B. Junction) for locomotive storage until at least 1962
01/10/1961 Electric Services Re-Introduced
05/11/1962 Whifflet (Lower) Cal. Station Closed
05/11/1962 Passenger Service Withdrawn between Gartcosh Junction and Gartsherrie South Junction
31/12/1962 Kipps Locomotive Shed Closed. Site retained for locomotive storage.
06/07/1964 Freight Services withdrawn between Airdrie and Imperial Works Siding Headshunt.
06/07/1964 Freight service withdrawn between Airdrie North Goods and Kipps Incline Foot
31/08/1964 Gartsherrie North Junction Closed.
05/10/1964 Passenger Service Withdrawn between Whifflet Upper and Langloan West Junction. Whifflet (Upper), Langloan, Drumpark and Bailieston Stations Closed.
1867 Coatbridge - The lesser Town hall was destroyed by fire.
02/04/1966 Kirkintilloch Basin to Chryston closed
04/04/1966 Freight service withdrawn between Newhouse and Chapelhall
07/11/1966 Passenger Service Withdrawn between Coatbridge Central and Rutherglen Junction
1967 Gartsherrie Iron Works (last in district) closed
03/04/1967 Calder Goods Branch Closed
05/11/1967 Chryston to Bedley Junction closed to all traffic. Line to Chryston had been out of use since 26/02/1967
05/11/1967 Bedlay Junction to Garnqueen South Junction Reduced to Single Track
07/11/1967 Gartsherrie East Junction Closed. Link to Gunnie Yard from the North severed
17/12/1967 Brownieside Junction to Boots Factory siding closed to all traffic (Speculative date - this is date Caldercruix Signalbox closed, which controlled the ground frame at Brownieside Junction)
18/12/1967 Coatbridge Lesser Town Hall burnt down
1969 Freightliner terminal opened at Coatbridge
18/08/1971 Freight service withdrawn between Kipps Incline Foot and Greenside Junction
01/05/1972 Temporary Passenger Service Reinstated between Coatbridge Central and Rutherglen Junction (1 train each way Glasgow Central - Perth)
09/12/1973 Motherwell Power Box commissioned. Signalboxes at Whifflet North Junction, Coatbridge Junction, Coatbridge Central Station, Langloan Junction and Rosehall Junction abolished
04/05/1974 Temporary passenger Service Withdrawn between Coatbridge Central and Rutherglen Junction
07/05/1974 "Clansman" Euston - Birmingham - (Coatbridge Central) -Inverness Passenger Service Commences Running.
03/05/1976 Passenger Service reinstated between Gartcosh Junction and Gartsherrie South Junction (Through sleeper services Fort-William to Euston via Glasgow Central)
1978 Freightliner terminal expanded to current status, access from the South created.
c1979 Class 314's appear on services to Airdrie for a short time.
16/12/1979 Airdrie to Bathgate line reduced to Single Track.
1980(?) Souterhouse Branch Closed to all traffic (Closure of British Tube Works, last customer served by the branch)
04/08/1981 Electrification extended from Mossend to Coatbridge Freightliner Terminal
1981 Bedley Colliery, Last in District, Closed
11/12/1981 Bedley Colliery to Garnqueen South Junction closed. (Garnqueen South Junction box was not formally closed until June 1983)
15/02/1982 Clarkston (Inverhouse Distillery branch Junction) to Bathgate closed to all traffic.
1984(?) Sheepford Coal Concentration Depot closed, Sheepford branch closed to all traffic.
Branch is shown as closed in the 1985 edition of the Quail Track Diagrams (Scottish Region)
1984  Drumpellier  was officially designated as a Country Park.
11/05/1985 Last 1S81 2050 Carlisle - Perth ran 
01/12/1985 Airdrie to Inverhouse Distillery closed to all traffic
1986 BSC Calder Tubeworks Closed
May-87 "Clansman" Euston - Birmingham - Inverness Passenger Service re-routed via Edinburgh. End of direct daytime Inter-City Services to/from Coatbridge Central.
Aug-87 Airdrie to Hamilton service re-instated
1988 Motorail Traffic through Coatbridge Central ends 
01/08/1989 Imperial works Branch closed to all traffic
14/05/1989 Sleeper services through Coatbridge Central Withdrawn
16/05/1989 Airdrie -Drumgelloch re-opened
01/07/1989 Yoker Power Signalbox Commissioned.
Airdrie, Sunnyside Junction and Heatheryknowe Signalboxes abolished.
09 or 10/1989 Sunnyside Junction - Whifflet South Junction Electrified to provide diversionary route for Lanark services during Newton Engineering Works
1990 Class 320 EMU's start passenger services on Drumgelloch line.
Dec-92 Clitheroe-Gunnie Cement traffic Ceased
04/11/1993 New Whifflet - Glasgow Service Commences
30/11/1995 R.B. Tennant cease production at Whifflet Foundry
26/05/1996 Motherwell - Cumbernauld passenger service Introduced
01/03/1999 Cowlairs Signalling Centre commissioned, Gartsherrie South Junction and Garnqueen North Signalboxes abolished.
Last Semaphore Signals in the district Removed.
Sep-2001 Original R.B. Tennants Whifflet Foundry Demolished.
2001 The population of Coatbridge according to the Census was 41,170.
01/10/2002 Emergency timetable on Airdrie/Drumgelloch to Helensburgh/Balloch comes to an end, 15min service interval restored.
12/10/2002 Derailment of the 11:46 Airdrie to Balloch at Airdrie Station formed by 320307.
01/10/2002 Class 318s and 334s begin appearing at Airdrie
27/12/2002 303011 works last 303 service from Airdrie Station (18:58 Drumgelloch to Helensburgh)
06/01/2003 Peak hour service restored between Coatbridge Central and Hamilton Circle
2006 Coatbridge's first 'Deep Fried Film Festival', was held.

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