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Provost Alexander

Provost of Coatbridge, has almost life being connected with the coal trade. In his earlier years as he was employed by the Calderbank Comany , when he transferred his services to the renowned firm of William Baird & Company, Gartsherrie, Iron and coal merchants in the year 1857. After being in their employment until the year 1879, he became a partner of the firm, Mr. Alexander McCosh his esteemed colleague became a partner at the same time

Presentation of Provost Alexander is portrait the forest part of the day's proceedings took place in the new council chamber where the presentations were made of portraits of Provost Alexander and the late Baillie (painted by Mr. McKinlay Glasgow)
Presentation of portrait of the latebaill

Baillie Chisholm: I have already said today that we were indebted to Provost Alexander more than two or any other man of improvement that has taken place in coatbridge., Are our most direct route one us on behalf of subscribers to his portrait was no proposed the next part of the day's business, a new line
Mr. Chairman and gentllemen when asked by the committee of the Baillie Gilchrist memorial portarit to present the Baillie's portrait I wondered the reason they had for putting this on by

From that time the baillie was an outstanding feature in pushing forward the improvements of the town - the improvements have been great -particularly in our roads and streets. I believe a good deal of credit is also due him in connection with the setting up of the of the fine building in which we are now met. I now the present to the town council of coatbridge this life-like portarit of Baillie Gilchrist

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