15-Minute Gospel Broadcasts

These broadcasts contain 12 to 15-minute, easily understood Bible messages. In recent years they have been aired weekly across Southeast Asia.*  (READ LISTENER RESPONSES) .

Downloaded copies of the Bible message broadcasts below may be burned to CDs or freely shared with others at no charge. (If you will be using the files for radio broadcasting, please email us .)

101. Follow Your Roadmap!
102. The Only Road
103. The First Step
104. A Fish Story
105. Lord Remember Me!
106. A Very Personal Question
107. One Lost Sheep
108. A New Start! A New Heart!
109. Do You Really Believe?
110. Changed - In A Tree
111. Too Far Gone!
112. A Hotter Hell
113. Welcome Home!
114. A Tax Question
115. The Invitation (Or... Excuses)
116. Snakebites!
117. The Greatest Gift  (Christmas)
118. Born In A Barn (Christmas)
119. Peace On Earth? (Christmas)
120. Hard Hearts Softened (Christmas)
121. Where Two Ways Met  (New Year)
122. Martha! Martha!
123. That's What Friends Are For
124. The Sword That Pierced Mary's Soul
125. Good Enough For Heaven?
126. The Love of Money
127. The Thirsty Woman
128. But Now I See!
129. Rowing Against the Wind
130. A Very Little Word
131. Muscle Power
132. A Parade!
133. The Missing Body
134. Get Mad, Get Even, Or...
135. Beyond Leftovers
136. Under the Fig Tree
137. Behold the Man
138. Reading the Roadmap
139. Fear Not!

* 1999 - 2006 on KTWR shortwave, from Guam on Saturdays

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