Thursday, December 8, 2016

Also Visit www.parrotnewsreport.com/cj (Citizen Journalist real News)

Please also visit 
parrotnewsreport.com/cj (Citizen Journalist real News)

Please visit my news blog. Comments on the news and things of interest.


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(BREITBART Real News) (Rush Limbaugh Real News) (Next News Network) (Michelle Malkin) (Citizen Journalist Blog Real News) (DRUDGE, WND, BBC, CNET, NYT, INFOWARS, Foxnews, Reuters, AP) Accurate analysis based on accurate facts is the key to real news. They report and you decide based on their analysis and yours. Make sure the analysis is accurate based on the facts. Don't just "parrot" what you hear! (Compare liberal news state run media with the Real News.) (The CIA admits it publishes FAKE news.)

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