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Glenboig Village Park -
by North Lanarkshire Conservation and Greening Unit

The village of Glenboig, four miles from Coatbridge, has a population of around 2000.In 1999 residents got together to discuss the problems affecting their local environment. As a result the Glenboig and North Central Environmental Group was established with the aim of addressing local environmental issues. The Group identified Garnqueen Loch as the most important local feature. The environmental regeneration of the Loch, and its surrounding derelict land, offered a great opportunity to create a village park. The loch was seen as the focus of the village, the development of the Glenboig Village Park was the means by which the enjoyment, understanding and ownership of its natural environment could be fostered.

The aim of the village park initiative was to promote a strong sense of place and ownership and enhance the image of Glenboig as a place where people wished to live and visit. The initiative looked to develop a valuable, but under utilised greenspace, through landscape and path improvements, habitat restoration and awareness raising.

A Steering Group brought together representatives of Glenboig and North Central Environmental Group, North Lanarkshire Council and other funding partners. Its challenge was to raise the funding needed to deliver the village parks objectives. Over 440,000 was secured, enabling new paths to be built, benches, picnic tables, signs and a dipping platform to be installed and hedges, trees and wildflowers to be planted. Work began in January 2002 and the park was officially opened in summer 2004.

Benny Grant, Secretary of the Glenboig Group, best sums up the progress made. 'This development will once again give the people of Glenboig something to be proud of as this project has only come to fruition thanks to a great deal of support and effort from them. Its great that there are so many people involved in taking this project forward to create a fantastic environmental resource that can be enjoyed by everyone and that can be used to encourage and educate our children and our childrens children on the importance of the environment and wildlife.'

Today the park is a well-used local greenspace, popular with walkers and cyclists. In addition Glenboig Paths to Health scheme runs a programme of regular walks in and around the park. At the centre of the park Garnqueen Loch is a popular destination for wildlife, mute swans, little and great-crested grebes, moorhens, coots, herons and tufted ducks can all be seen regularly.

For more information on Glenboig Village Park or the Paths to Health project contact North Lanarkshire Council, Conservation and Greening Unit (tel. 01236 780636 or email

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