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Memory is a remarkable gift and memories are very precious. We all carry them on life's journey. Everything we have ever experienced is etched somewhere in our minds. 

Days that seem to drag on forever full of trivialities and frayed tempers, so much time that has gone in a flash. How often we say to each other do you remember when we did such and such a thing, or went to a certain place.

It is with these thoughts that we hope stir your memories and help you to record them - to help other people recall their best and worst days.

This site is a resource for some of the rarest photo's, facts and media from the Monklands and its rich history. It is a constant work in progress where new items will be emerging constantly, so it will be worth checking back occasionally if you are interested in the history of the Monklands.

As well as amassing a personal collection of media, we most definitely welcome your memories, videos and pictures from the past, and will happily credit you fully and clearly for anything you wish to share.

You don't need to register to read the articles or see the media - just let us know if you enjoy the experience.

Please feel free to send us your own memories. 

  • Letters to Memories

  • Gartsherrie by Jack Rose

  • Coatbridge Co-operative Society et al

  • Coatbridge Co-operative Society Chapter 2

  • Thomas Gilchrist J.P.  Obituary

  • Life & Times - by Bob McMillan

    Memories of Tom Frew -ex-Lambertons now living in OZ.

  • Skyscraper Wean

  • Janet Hamilton

  • Coatbridge Cinemas -

  • The Colliers of Scotland Tom Frew

  • A Forgotten Era - t ale of a boy with Tubercolosis in the days before NHS

  • Carrick Watson Memories

  • Tom Frew

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