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9th August 2009

Dear Monklands Website

Yesterday I visited Chapelhall for my grandfather ran the grocery shop there in the thirties, and when he died before the war, my grandmother continued the business. It was sited where the current post office is. I am not sure when he bought the business, but the family word on this is that he sat on the railway bridge counting how many customers went in, to help him decide if it was viable! They married in the
He was George Stewart and she was Mary Somerville Stephenson. They had 6 children, one of whom, Tom ran the post office which was where the current bakery is now. Between both businesses were their houses.
I have only one photo of the back of the building and also one of a waterfall somewhere near, but have various other memories. My father was born in 1919 as the youngest of the family.
I would be very pleased if you could put me in touch with anyone who might be interested in this, and who could perhaps jog my memory about other events.

If you can help -Send Lesley an email

kind regards  Lesley Stewart  

2 June 2009
Dear Memories 

Maggies Haugh?

I have been pursuing the story of my great grandfather who was a coal miner in Old Monklands in 1851.  The census return shows his address as being a cottage in a village which for the life of me I cant be sure that I am correctly deciphering but it looks like Maggies Haugh. 
 Does that ring any bells with anyone as a now defunct village?  Or perhaps village is just a term for a miners area with slapped up new cottages (all the other residents are also coalminers in the census returns)?  

Most grateful for any light you can shed!  Michael Stark Michael.Stark@dcsf.gsi.gov.uk

Hamilton and Calder - or Vulcan Boiler Works Do you know of this company?  Martin Stein
Unfortunately I know nothing about my dads side of the family his name was John Mckellar Stein. All of his brothers are now long dead its not since I got into the internet that I tried to trace his side I know that he had family in the Calders.  I live in Luton beds so everything is on the net if you find out any thing I would be grateful do you know anything about Hamilton and Calder any way have deciphered the ref.

This is to certify that James Stein was in our employment for a period of four years as a boilermaker. He is a first class riveter & caulker and occasionally undertook the erection of outside work for us as a  leading hand. For a  good tradesman we can thoroughly recommend him. He gave us entire satisfaction while in our employment.
Hamilton & Calder
Can anyone help Martin Stein find out about James? mstein53@btinternet.com

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