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Authentic Mexican Restaurant! 

We are a Family oriented Restaurant with an Authentic Mexican look and feel.  Enjoy a Traditional and Quiet Athmosphere  with your friends and family with t he most Traditional and Deliciuos Meals and feel like at home.  Our Mission is to Bring to the People the Authentic Flavor and Traditions from our Chula Puebla, Mexico. 

Delicious and Fresh Food!

Distinctly delicious food is made fresh throughout the day.  Experience a taste of tradition  with  Mexican food, from sizzling fajitas and fish tacos to savory enchiladas. You will taste the tradition at every table, in every dish, and every flavorful ingredient!  

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Que Chula es Puebla Restaurant
1356 N. 2nd Street
Philadelphia , PA 19122

ph: 215-203-0404
fax: 215-203-8030
alt: 215-291-2844

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